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  • shemhavoc

    Dear Devilboy! it was so lovely to see you! had a great night, definately made me pine for forgotten times, One more musical suggestion, i think you should check out Lower than Atlantis, they are pretty interesting, english band, very current, heavy but the influences are a bit more varied than a lot of bands at the moment, they cite bands like Jimmy eat World and Sonic youth as well as fast punk bands, its a cool sound, you should definately check out their tune "taping songs off the Radio" i think you will dig it hard. much love darling, is february a good month for me to look for a free weekend to come up? are weekends still optimal timing? much love!

    2010年 12月 28日 返信
  • shemhavoc

    hahaha i miss you man, i love that people are blates thinking im conversing with some terrifying middle aged moustachoid'. Thats cool your listening to Lamb of God, i've never sat down and listened to them, i like thast song "now youve got something to die for" but thats pretty much the extent of my lambknowledge. been listening to Devil Sold his Soul a bit as well, they are pretty cool, filmscore-metal. theres this band called Letlive i reckon youd love as well, the singer well sounds like the singer of Glassjaw and the guitars sound like Pantera but they mix a bit of everything in there, theres a jazz swing piano with the guy singing over it at the end of one song, the album is called "Fake History" and itd be well worth a spotify if you ever fancy some melodic heavy, i guess they are a bit like the bled but less relentlessly technical and more sing-ey. anyway, super stoked im gonna have the money to come up for a bitching weekend soon. XXXX

    2010年 12月 17日 返信
  • shemhavoc

    Raa! i saw Jimmy Eat World recently! it was boss! if you ever want to hear the sonic equivelant of being kicked in the face, listen to "Heat" by American Me on Spotify, good zombie god is it brutal

    2010年 12月 14日 返信
  • shemhavoc

    the danger of Iphones, reading your last shout whilst drinking Hot chocolate and then spitting said hot chocolate over self in public place. it was that good. For real we've got to hook some party times brother, i will get up there at some point when i know when im working more than 10 minutes in advance ARGH! are you headed down this way any time? much sexually devastating love, Shemmothy.

    2010年 11月 8日 返信
  • shemhavoc

    haha yeah they are flavour of the month, havent actually listened to them that much, same as Dead Swans, there was some bizarre fault where the play count of those bands got quadrupled,dont really understand how,it could be worse,Yeah you hit the nail on the head totally with Boys Night Out,Dance Gavin Dance are similar with more of a metal influence instead of punk basically but the singer's styles are quite different,the singer of Dance Gavin Dance sounds a little like the guy from fallout boy but easily more technically profiscient, Bring me the Horizon are just amazing, if you listen to anything from the last two albums you cant really go wrong,"Chelsea Smile"and"Fuck"are my faves at the moment, you might want to check out "Blacklist" as well as its essentially a deathcore song done in the style of Dubstep, its pretty smart. theres a really good dub step remix of one of their other songs called "Sleep with one eye open" and its remixed by Tek-One, thats well worth checking out too.

    2010年 10月 17日 返信
  • shemhavoc

    i cant help it, i love Travie McCoy's mic skillz, you find gym class heroes incongruous but not XX? that i find interesting! i love boys night out so much theyr sound is well unique, and its just heartbreaking/lifetaking music isnt it really? Dance Gavin Dance are pretty Epic too, though only the first album "Downtown battle mountain" the original singer left after that and they lost their muchness.

    2010年 10月 16日 返信
  • shemhavoc

    your officially my friend on with the most music in common, Hurrah!

    2010年 10月 16日 返信

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