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85658 回再生 : 2014年 02月 8日から

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  • iPowers

    Hey thanks for the add. You have good taste in music! And I love Japan. One of my favorite countries to ever visit. Greetings from America!

    07月 2日 05:58 返信
  • KuraiMike

    Thanks for the invitation. I hope you're having a nice day!.

    06月 30日 12:21 返信
  • Princez_Bizarre

    its add dear

    06月 28日 13:57 返信
  • moonshine1275


    2014年 09月 2日 返信
  • moonshine1275

    thanks for the add

    2014年 08月 29日 返信
  • dj_berry

    Great taste! :) If you want you can check out my mixes on; I got some great Trance lined-up there ^^

    2014年 05月 8日 返信
  • ShazaMeisteR

    Cheers for the add, looks like we listen to much of the same music. I will be spending sometime lurking inside your media library for some new music =)

    2014年 04月 9日 返信
  • Kalnoo

    Trance Familiy <3

    2014年 03月 5日 返信
  • Parasence

    konnichiwa! o genki desu ka? ;D

    2014年 02月 20日 返信
  • shigemii

    Hello! Thank you for re-registration! Japanese is a very difficult language. (okaerinasai) Even if you use this by a chat, do not have any problem. The Japanese fellow uses it in chat and Twitter. And for words to be used in Japanese very usefully (otsukaresamadeshita) there is it. Even if this uses it in any situation, do not have any problem. In addition, it is the language that is available for the superior person.

    2014年 02月 17日 返信
  • Velimirius

    sup :) oh btw, since im learning japanese as hobby in free time, always wondered how to say "welcome back" when not related to coming back home (okaerinasai), but in a situation when someone for example says "im back" on twitter, is there a different expression when want to say "welcome back" in that situation or can use okaerinasai too?

    2014年 02月 17日 返信

    ようこそ shigemii さん!思う存分音楽をお楽しみください!

    2014年 02月 8日 返信

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