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VillagersLittle Bigot 昨日 04:32am
Punch BrothersLittle Lights 昨日 04:28am
Laura MarlingDivine 昨日 04:17am
Lord HuronThe Night We Met 昨日 04:14am
Mark KozelekMicheline 昨日 04:11am
VillagersDarling Arithmetic 昨日 03:56am
VillagersEverything I Am Is Yours 昨日 03:11am
LambchopThe Butcher Boy 昨日 03:02am
LambchopThe Petrified Florist 昨日 02:59am
LambchopThe Book I Haven't Read 昨日 02:54am
LambchopThe Distance from Her to There 昨日 02:49am
BarzinLazy Summer 昨日 16:59pm
Ben WeaverWhile I'm Gone 昨日 16:55pm
Adrian CrowleySome Blue Morning 昨日 16:32pm
Globe Unity OrchestraNodago 昨日 18:35pm
Globe Unity OrchestraBavarian Calypso 昨日 18:29pm
Globe Unity OrchestraThe Forge 昨日 17:37pm
Globe Unity OrchestraThe Dumps 昨日 17:32pm
Globe Unity OrchestraGlobe Unity Forty Years 昨日 17:19pm
Tom McRaeShip Of Blue And Green 昨日 17:06pm


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  • music_scholar

    ... And here's a present for you: this wavegraph of your music history shows your top100 artists over >7.5 years. I can see about 4 phases in your history where your artists shifted. I added also a zoomed-in version (since 2014), so you can see more details of the recent trends... What do you think about the graphs? Any feedback is appreciated.

    05月 3日 21:06 返信
  • music_scholar

    Hello Karl, I saw you passing by at the Musicology group last month. Since you are here for >8 years already, I am sure you also have passion for music(ology). Why don't you join us?

    05月 3日 21:05 返信
  • littlevanities

    Thanks! Happy to discover new music from your lib :)

    04月 28日 03:52 返信
  • nicodp

    Is dat aan hoorbaar zonder mentale schade? :-)

    02月 20日 16:17 返信
  • XDanica

    Happy birthday from Born December! Wish you a wonderful day :)

    2014年 12月 18日 返信
  • Giglanz

    Same here, keep finding interesting new music on your page all the time ´,´

    2014年 03月 19日 返信
  • nicodp

    Ik bezorg je binnenkort de gierende experimentele pandaberen ;-)

    2014年 02月 21日 返信
  • XDanica

    Happy birthday from Born December ! :)

    2013年 12月 18日 返信
  • nicodp

    jep ook gelezen

    2013年 10月 11日 返信
  • XDanica

    Welcome to Born December, when is your birthday? :)

    2013年 08月 30日 返信
  • plathian

    wise choice.

    2013年 04月 29日 返信
  • plathian

    see anything you like?

    2013年 04月 27日 返信
  • dj4am

    Minstens :) was ook wel n unieke locatie

    2013年 03月 21日 返信
  • Giglanz


    2013年 03月 18日 返信
  • emoke

    Kiruna? :)

    2013年 03月 15日 返信
  • Giglanz

    You're welcome! Do you know Nite Lite, olatunji duo and Cello+Laptop? I'm sure you'll enjoy them as much as i do. ˆ,ˆ

    2013年 03月 14日 返信
  • obelisko1971

    Autum's here with Brambles, Christoph Berg and Pill-Oh, couldn't wait for it! How have you been and what's in store these days, friend? A cute compilation from Hibernate is coming out soon (A Winter's Gift) with the right music to get you in the mood for colder days... Keep well ~

    2012年 10月 29日 返信
  • thomasbuyse

    Is het mogelijk dat ik je gespot heb bij Nils Frahm in 't Dok, woensdag?

    2012年 09月 15日 返信
  • Reetsjel

    Thanks for visiting! Glad to see there are also people on here whom I have nothing in common with... I was beginning to think I was becoming mainstream :p Greetings!

    2012年 08月 28日 返信
  • kzienix

    wat de fox al zesduuzend artiesten waaronder biosphere die komende zoensdag gratis speelt in het warandepark met philip jeck en ali hide

    2012年 08月 24日 返信
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About Me

Think of your ears as eyes - Gertrude Stein

Take a walk at night, and walk so silently that the bottoms of your feet become ears.

wind is not only a humming noise above the forest
it sticks to your skin
wind is at the heart of events

"there's not enough beauty in the world for me to ignore yours."
"Det är så lätt att skriva mail, men så svårt att vara människa"

Latest Favourites:

some solo work of Martin Küchen, Colin Stetson

Old Joy
Le Passé
Cave Of The Yellow Dog
The Ghost Of Piramida

Sylvain Tesson - Dans les forêts de Sibérie


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