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BurzumLost Wisdom 2013年 03月 16日
BurzumErblicket die Töchter des Firmaments 2013年 03月 16日
WatainReaping Death 2013年 03月 16日
WatainWolves Curse 2013年 03月 16日
WatainThe Light that Burns the Sun 2013年 03月 16日
WatainBlack Salvation 2013年 03月 16日
WatainThe Serpent's Chalice 2013年 03月 16日
WatainSatan's Hunger 2013年 02月 13日
Dark FuneralGodhate 2013年 02月 13日
Dark FuneralDeclaration of Hate 2013年 02月 13日


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    Welcome aboard, parrisonfire! Happy listening.

    2008年 07月 21日 返信

About Me

Im a Metal Head 39 yrs old,i live in hemet ca, with my 2 teenage boys 18 and 13 great kids, i have a band with 2 'hard playin' creative members from san jacinto. we play death metal. ive been playing guitar for 25 yrs. had a few bands back in the day, played alot of shows made some great memories. i even chilled with kerry king a few times. yeah so here i found this site looking for people to talk maybe jam and yeah the girls too. im pretty much a good guy hard worker and likes his weekends and guitar collection. people say ' dam parris all u need is a metal woman and ur good to go' here i am where are you????? let me hear from u any and all emails welcomed FEMALES very much encouraged to email . thanks and im out!


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