Baran, 24, 男性, オランダ…最後にアクセス:火曜日 夜

164777 回再生 : 2008年 05月 2日から

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nicoinfurs さんとの音楽相性度は不明



The Mountain GoatsPure Heat Love トラック 2 時間前
The Mountain GoatsGoing to Tennessee Love トラック 2 時間前
SpoonInside Out 昨日 夜
Philip GlassPruit Igoe 昨日 夜
Philip GlassCloudscape 昨日 夜
Philip GlassVessels 昨日 夜
Philip GlassKoyaanisqatsi 昨日 夜
SpoonNew York Kiss 昨日 夜
SpoonLet Me Be Mine 昨日 夜
SpoonI Just Don't Understand 昨日 夜


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  • DomingoJustus

    thanks for the add! Nice mix of music you have

    08月 17日 23:33 返信
  • xNorbertx

    yo, thanks, doe mn best. hier ook mooie lijstjes!

    08月 16日 21:09 返信
  • A1000Mistakes

    Hey! How was the Drones gig last week???

    08月 5日 18:21 返信
  • Radio-Nostalgie

    nee wij eten geen ijs!!

    07月 29日 03:35 返信
  • Radio-Nostalgie

    wij zijn van het radio nostalgie museeeuuuumm

    07月 29日 03:35 返信
  • NiUz

    It was not easy to think of Mexican bands but there are some new ones that I could highlight: Has a Shadow, The Polar Dream, Chills, Lorelle Meets the Obsolete, Little Jesus, Austin TV, White Visitation, De Nalgas, O Tortuga, El Mañana, I Can Chase Dragons, Los Mundos. These seem interesting to me but definitely not part of my top 50 of all time :(

    07月 25日 07:26 返信
  • Zuggenmifter

    Goed om te zien dat je The Hotelier op waarde weet te schatten! Wat vind je van die ep van Nai Harvest? Verder nog tips?

    07月 20日 18:28 返信
  • Jamesismynamo

    thanks you too! got any recs?

    07月 12日 23:06 返信
  • TheMcEneaney

    They still drink pretty heavily. Last time it seemed like Greg Demos was hitting it the hardest out of all of them.

    07月 9日 01:38 返信
  • TheMcEneaney

    Are they not playing Europe at all? I saw them twice back in 2010, then again in May and I'll be seeing them Friday. Would have seen them more if I had the money at the time.

    07月 9日 01:20 返信
  • Debaser987

    Hey thanks! I appreciate it. Should have some new stuff in the works, I'll let you know when it's done.

    07月 7日 07:43 返信
  • NiUz

    Haha ... well, for me it's no a big deal. At that time I enjoyed and I was thrilled with the game but now it's like "the same story", I mean it was just bad luck (things that happen in football). Although now the Internet is full of memes...everything became funny (in a bitter way/black humor).

    07月 4日 14:05 返信
  • NiUz

    Hola :) Pretty good taste! I'm sure I'm gonna find interesting things here.

    07月 3日 00:17 返信
  • Jochempie

    Heel goed. Hij is vooral ontzettend catchy en fijn weg te luisteren. De heavyness is wel een beetje weg bij Mastodon, maar ach. Vind jij het wat?

    06月 25日 06:02 返信
  • emergingsynergy

    Yeah! :) Don't you hate it when that happens? ;) There are so many times I have read the wrong lyrics for a song! hahaha... always good to get it straightened out, especially with such fine lyricists. :) Cheers!

    06月 23日 08:28 返信
  • lvet

    Haklisin canim benim. Kom jij sowieso?

    06月 22日 20:32 返信
  • lvet

    Krijg je door mijn foto het gevoel dat je met een lekkere chick aan het shouten bent?

    06月 22日 08:52 返信
  • lvet

    De dag na Sun Kil Moon hè, niet de vvk.

    06月 22日 08:51 返信
  • lvet

    Shit, ik wil wel maar volgende dag is mijn eerste stagedag en ik weet nog niet in welke stad dat is. What do, yolo?

    06月 22日 08:50 返信
  • lvet

    Salaam alaikum yarrack

    06月 22日 06:40 返信
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