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ただ今 The Scrobbler から scrobble 中
The Funky LowlivesIrreplaceable 再生中
TychoAscension 3 分前
Aphex TwinZ Twig 6 分前
R.E.M.Low 10 分前
MandalaySimple Things 16 分前
MobyBlue Paper 22 分前
BonoboGypsy 28 分前
JazzanovaIntrospection 34 分前
Young MagicNight In The Ocean 39 分前
AirSexy Boy 44 分前


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  • ah-line

    Hey! I'm great, thanks, how about you? You have a super taste too, congrats :)

    昨日 08:40am 返信
  • Ritalin_1

    No! Me encantaría estar en vacaciones ya pero debo terminar unas cosas desde hoy hasta el miércoles, después de eso si estaré en "vacaciones". Dónde tenias planeado pasar tus vacaciones?

    04月 15日 09:54 返信
  • pogoshrooms

    Lol, personally I would never cycle in London, so many people would see :S haha and also I'd be crushed by angry taxis. The tattoo was finished last Saturday and is now fully healed and ready to show off :D but I'm back home now for Easter. Might put some pictures up online soon ;O How are you?

    04月 14日 04:29 返信
  • alomaxx

    Jajajajajajaajja ¿Morticia? Vale, tío!

    04月 10日 06:57 返信
  • dragojleta

    hahaha thanks, I think it's more like minion from despicable me (=

    04月 9日 04:44 返信
  • alomaxx

    Jajaja si, ¿No te gusta?

    04月 8日 16:21 返信
  • Ritalin_1

    Aquí depende de la carrera que estés estudiando. Jaja tienes toda la razón, buscar trabajo requiere de mucho trabajo. Seguro lo encuentras rápido, ademas ya tienes buena experiencia. Yo no diría que son vacaciones porque vienen cargadas de trabajos :( Y tu? Que harás en semana santa?

    04月 8日 07:09 返信
  • EmersonMollin

    Thanks, you're welcome, great library :)

    04月 7日 06:37 返信
  • alomaxx

    Jajaja muy interesante ;)

    04月 7日 03:43 返信
  • dotkah

    Thanx, avatar foto was taken by my friend few years ago. I like it, too :)

    04月 5日 01:09 返信
  • Ritalin_1

    La verdad no esperaba mucho de la u, solo que me sintiera realmente a gusto por que es donde pasaré una parte significativa de mi vida, (y así ha sido). Genial! Y qué aspiraciones laborales tienes actualmente?

    04月 1日 09:34 返信
  • kissmesoft

    Only during the winter... and maybe major holidays. Might say- I fluffy half of the time. I have a part time job as a reptilian.

    03月 27日 03:19 返信
  • kissmesoft

    Ah yiss, bow to your and the universe's sensei, that is me. As you are humble enough and know how to address your Emperor- I will not have you killed, at least not yet. You may now rejoice at the mercy shown by your great and merciful ruler and enjoy the rest of your life in the sun of my glory.

    03月 27日 03:00 返信
  • kissmesoft

    Thx, I know... I'm pretty amazing, lame, but amazing. I listen only to the best music. You must feel lucky to have some artists in common with such a wonder of the universe as my humble self. Plus- Godspeed You! Black Emperor is amazing live.

    03月 27日 00:21 返信
  • dotkah

    Gracias! Your collection is very good. And photos, also. All the best.

    03月 26日 13:03 返信
  • estefanina

    Claro que si, hace mucho que no los escuchaba :) voy a ver ahora de que más me antojo

    03月 26日 12:30 返信
  • Ritalin_1

    Últimamente muy ocupada pero bien en general :) Y a ti en tu trabajo? Qué tal te va?

    03月 25日 08:01 返信
  • Hitsujimi

    Hey man, well I must say we both have a wonderful collection. Sorry for the late answer, only saw the message today. Any cool band suggestion? (: Greetings from Portugal.

    03月 25日 00:20 返信
  • pogoshrooms

    Idk man I don't mean to boast but UCL is a top 5 uni in England ;O I'll start in September, and they have student accommodation basically all over east london so hopefully I'll be somewhere cool like Camden with that food market ;) have you ever been to the Camden food market? Hahaa well yeah I have, I basically had to ride the whole of the Picadilly line twice in one day, rush hour both times, on the hottest day of the year in June 2011, but it's lovely when you ride the tube at midnight when it's empty :) I guess I'm just not a northern person. Yeah the tattoo is as in the picture, with colour obv, the guy didn't have time to finish it so I currently have a very sore half coloured in octopus on my arm but I'm happy :)

    03月 24日 21:08 返信
  • greschoe


    03月 23日 17:37 返信
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