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manymalone さんとの音楽相性度は不明



My Bloody ValentineThe Last Supper 昨日 00:47am
SuperchunkThrowing Things 昨日 00:43am
Lee RanaldoStranded 昨日 00:38am
RadioheadLucky 昨日 00:33am
Mark LaneganLeviathan 昨日 00:29am
Black SabbathOrchid 昨日 00:25am
New OrderEverything's Gone Green 昨日 00:23am
The StoogesLittle Doll Love トラック 昨日 00:18am
Joy DivisionExercise One Love トラック 昨日 00:15am
PavementConduit for Sale! 昨日 00:12am


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  • ojigbe

    thank you

    07月 17日 00:56 返信
  • Devils1674

    Thanks man.

    07月 15日 18:28 返信
  • blackcordelias

    Your taste is great too. I really like your flickr too, you've been some lovely places!

    07月 10日 23:14 返信
  • bieramfuss

    thank you! your collection's great, too. greetings from germany!

    07月 10日 23:10 返信
  • Devils1674

    Hello from Canada. Sorry it took me so long to reply, I have been offline for a few weeks.

    07月 10日 13:24 返信
  • Kozmic_xBlues

    Hola :)

    07月 9日 14:18 返信
  • nisarahma

    hi.. I'm good. Cool, we share the same taste! thanks for dropping by :)

    07月 8日 15:44 返信
  • becg17

    Hey, I'm good thanks, how about you? Wish I was at Glastonbury but apart from that life is good, thanks for the shout B-)

    06月 26日 21:47 返信
  • alomaxx

    Haha moltes gràcies! Por el momento estoy genial :) ¿Y tú?

    06月 21日 05:49 返信
  • alomaxx

    Hola! Hola :D

    06月 20日 05:21 返信
  • Fantria

    i tried to get into that band...some of the cats at work thought they were ok but for me....i couldn't turn that dude off fast enough....haha

    06月 8日 21:34 返信
  • davros-bass

    Just checking in to see what you've been listening too.Hard to beat top quality-top tracks for sure.Best for the weekend!

    06月 5日 23:59 返信
  • pogoshrooms

    Thanks :) yeah I got a bit of hate for it, some dude told me it was like barf running down my arm - I guess that's what you get for posting pictures on the internet eh? It's fine, and I can go out in the sunlight without having to smother it with suncream now. Sorry about your interview, man, better luck next time. I'm doing okay right now. I've got 4 more exams, but only one of them really matters (it's the only one that affects if I can go to UCL or not). On Friday I have one in Sheffield at 8am and one in Suffolk at 1.30pm, it's gonna be a mad day...

    06月 5日 07:43 返信
  • shesthenewthing

    You also got a good music taste!

    06月 4日 12:55 返信
  • mongiello

    Great tunes in your library too

    05月 31日 22:17 返信
  • Ritalin_1

    No, la verdad no tengo planeado nada para las próximas vacaciones, pero pienso que cualquier plan será bienvenido. Suerte con lo de tu sobrino!

    05月 30日 11:05 返信
  • cristinaway

    Thanks..... your list is perfect!

    05月 29日 23:51 返信
  • HeyNyla

    thaaaanks! so do you, man!

    05月 28日 16:45 返信
  • zoziknikludwig

    thanx, so u do!

    05月 27日 20:11 返信
  • mick510


    05月 24日 10:10 返信
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