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MezzalaNella vasca dei piranha 昨日 午後
MezzalaHeypa 昨日 午後
MezzalaChe Fine Faremo 昨日 午後
MezzalaUn progetto come un altro 昨日 午後
MezzalaChe Fine Faremo 昨日 午後
MezzalaLe tue paure 昨日 午後
Prefab SproutCars And Girls 昨日 午後
MezzalaLe tue paure 昨日 午後
Matthew SweetSick of Myself Love トラック 昨日 午後
Inspiral CarpetsSaturn 5 昨日 午後
KlaatuCalifornia Jam 昨日 午後
MezzalaLe tue paure 昨日 午後
The UnthanksLast Lullaby Love トラック 昨日 午後
The New PornographersAll the Old Showstoppers (Live) 昨日 午後
Orenda FinkThe Garden 昨日 午後
TorresHoney 昨日 午後
The ShinsTurn on Me 昨日 午後
Bill CallahanSpring 昨日 22:53pm
Bridget St. Johnthank you for (live) 昨日 22:49pm
The BeatlesYou Like Me Too Much 昨日 22:47pm

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  • ZondaDeath

    Eh, ma siamo in due! Indie Club per anziani arrivo! :D

    2014年 07月 11日 返信
  • ZondaDeath

    Ma guarda, il bello di Last.FM è che al contrario di Facebook uno se la può prendere in tutta shallitudine :D

    2014年 07月 8日 返信
  • ZondaDeath


    2014年 07月 6日 返信
  • Sound_in_Tilt

    Grazie a te! Ciao.. :)

    2013年 04月 7日 返信
  • Anna13_

    grazie mille! la tua è incredibilmente vasta. ciao!!

    2012年 09月 6日 返信

    Well, an emphatic win over Inter and Di Rossi signed a 5 year deal. Something to smile about today :D

    2012年 02月 7日 返信

    I accept that this is more or less a transitional year but some of these results are unacceptable! I am still hoping for a good performance against Inter though so like you, fingers crossed x.

    2012年 02月 3日 返信

    Hi, what do you think about yesterday's game. unfortunately i did not get a chance to see any of it. I just saw the result and read the match report.

    2012年 02月 3日 返信

    I agree that Osvaldo is looking good. I am hoping that he will be back from injury soon. I also agree about Pjanic and Lamela. The performance yesterday was promising but i'll wait and see what happens as we go forward.

    2012年 01月 23日 返信

    Hi, i am sorry that i took so long to respond. I did not get a chance to watch that match but i read the report about it afterward. I just do not know what to say about the team this season. I feel as though we have taken two steps back instead of forward. We have been so inconsistent. I see that we loaned out Borriello to Juventus. We just seem to be strengthening our rivals. I think that the style the coach wants the team to aspire to is beyond their reach. The team does not have the quality or wherewithal to accomplished what is being asked of them. I think that it is really sad that Totti is still our best offensive option when he is 37. what does this say for foreseeable future? I apologise for my monologue but what are your thoughts?

    2012年 01月 22日 返信
  • ZondaDeath

    Ma di che! Grande la citazione Sebastiana :)

    2011年 12月 17日 返信
  • malkosh

    I Prefab Sprout... pollice su!

    2011年 11月 27日 返信
  • malkosh

    Grazie. :) Qui respiro aria di casa. Buoni ascolti!

    2011年 11月 13日 返信

    Two wins! in a row. Hopefully the team continues gel and be more consistent.

    2011年 10月 5日 返信

    The tension with Totti was always going to happen as soon as Enrique told him he was going to be playing less. Totti is an institution at the club and obviously everyone walks on thin ice around him but it is all about what is best for the team. As for my fandom...Barbados is a football crazy island. The most popular league is the EPL with most people supporting the top teams from there but they are also Real, Barca, Juve, AC Milan, Inter, Bayern Munich etc. I just always liked Roma from the time i was little when Serie A was the best and most competitive league in the world.

    2011年 09月 3日 返信

    Hi! Any Roma fan is a friend of mine. So what are your thoughts on the team. SO many changes but i am not sure we have made many improvements. There are a lot of question marks. The good thing is that the team is only playing domestic football this season and that gives us time to rebuild and see where we are.

    2011年 09月 3日 返信
  • Stryder1980

    Thanks mate. Later.

    2011年 08月 9日 返信
  • LoveKeanu

    Ma figurati, nessun problema. Ci si vede in giro! ; )

    2011年 08月 9日 返信
  • el_rzulffio

    No problem ;)

    2011年 07月 13日 返信
  • onthebum


    2011年 03月 13日 返信
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