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Jukebox the GhostEverybody Knows 07月 28日 11:38
Jimmy Eat WorldMy Best Theory 07月 28日 11:35
Fitz and the TantrumsOut of My League 07月 28日 11:34
HellogoodbyeWhen We First Met 07月 28日 11:32
Keaton HensonYou Don't Know How Lucky You Are 07月 28日 11:30
The KillersUnder the Gun 07月 28日 11:28
BastilleFlaws 07月 28日 11:24
GeographerParis 07月 28日 11:19
Maroon 5Come Away to the Water 07月 24日 06:47
Kari KimmelBlack 07月 24日 06:43

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I believe in something, I think.


"Is it enough to write a song and sing it for the birds?
They hear just the tune--not understand my love for words.
But you would hear me and know."


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