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ShakiraDonde Estas Corazon Love トラック 昨日 11:27am
ShakiraDonde Estas Corazon Love トラック 昨日 11:23am
PlumbStranded Love トラック 昨日 11:18am
Lou BegaMambo No. 5 (A Little Bit Of...) Love トラック 昨日 11:13am
Counting CrowsColorblind Love トラック 昨日 11:09am
Da BratIn Love Wit Chu 昨日 11:04am
NKOTBSBNKOTBSB Mash Up (Mash Up) Love トラック 昨日 10:57am
No DoubtJust a Girl Love トラック 昨日 10:52am
NellyJust A Dream Love トラック 昨日 10:48am
NellyWadsyaname Love トラック 昨日 10:43am
Mariah CareyObsessed Love トラック 昨日 10:39am
Mariah CareyObsessed Love トラック 昨日 10:35am
Nicki MinajTill the World Ends (Remix) Love トラック 昨日 10:32am
Nicki MinajKnockout Love トラック 昨日 10:28am
Natascha BessezMr. Saxobeat (En Espanol) Love トラック 昨日 10:25am
Natascha BessezMr. Saxobeat (En Espanol) Love トラック 昨日 10:23am
MS MRThis Isn't Control Love トラック 昨日 10:18am
Miley Cyrus7 Things Love トラック 昨日 10:15am
Matchbox TwentyHow Far We've Come Love トラック 昨日 10:11am
JewelDown So Long Love トラック 昨日 10:06am


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  • RJules3

    Congratulations! Selena is your top artist of the last seven days :-) So you didn't waste the play weekend!

    07月 21日 02:47 返信
  • Prince_Ali

    Thank you so much! I'm not sure tbh. I love your dedication to Selena. I just watched that movie the other day and fell in love with her all over again!

    06月 28日 12:52 返信
  • RJules3

    Oh - I was wrong. It wasn't a secret. Now I found your journal entry from the 21st of May :-) 21st - 25th?? I don't have a clue how the scrobbles are counted sometimes but we all experienced already the up and down of these numbers ;-)

    06月 25日 04:25 返信
  • RJules3

    The 25th of May 2015 at 8.57pm you had the 1000th spin of Rihanna but you never mentioned it? It was the song 'Te Amo' :-) Now I'm musing why this was a secret ;-) It took me some time to find it myself but you know I am perusing your library!

    06月 25日 04:10 返信
  • Arielle1111

    Hi - Thanks for your visit & greetings from New Mexico, US... :-)

    06月 25日 03:44 返信
  • RJules3

    Thank you for the praise! But I know you are coping with everything very well on your own :-)

    06月 25日 00:01 返信
  • RJules3

    You are very welcome! Hopefully you got at least an idea of the possibilities :-)

    06月 24日 13:31 返信
  • RJules3

    Now I listened to Christina Aguilera's 'Stripped' on Spotify a little. Yes, it could be my next album from her :-) At the moment Alejandra Guzmán is more appealing to me but time changes everything!

    06月 22日 00:26 返信
  • fantastickkay

    It's cute!! I noticed it the other day and thought it was real cute. :)

    06月 20日 06:39 返信
  • jamzrnb

    lol okay,I will. :-P

    06月 20日 05:22 返信
  • jamzrnb

    yes, I have. Glad to have her back! It's been so long... I'm going to see her in September.

    06月 20日 03:06 返信
  • RJules3

    Thumbs up (okay with Lady Gaga the right expression is 'paws up') for your new avatar! That's a very lovely picture of Selena!

    06月 19日 16:02 返信
  • RJules3

    Thank you for the recommendation! Unfortunately tomorrow I don't have the opportunity to indulge in music very much. So Christina has to wait because Selena is in need of some spins :-)

    06月 18日 03:43 返信
  • RJules3

    An interesting Britney album you are listening to! 'Your #1 Requests...And More!' only has 119 listeners on Last.Fm and more than one third of all scrobbles are yours :-) That must be a very special edition. Where was/is Britney's army in this case?

    06月 17日 16:44 返信
  • RJules3

    If I get you right, you are changing your avatar to those artists you are listening to. Would I follow this scheme I had to change my picture every 30 minutes :-) Ok - that's not true at the 18th of a month!

    06月 11日 15:51 返信
  • marksplace2008

    I will miss the library as it is now, don't like the list version at all.

    06月 9日 09:17 返信
  • BritneyIsAGod

    Yeah I saw it. I like it, but I think I'll miss the simplicity of lastfm... sorry for the late reply. didnt see your comment till just now. and i'm doing alright hbu

    06月 4日 03:36 返信
  • M130111180913M

    I was in a summertime/sunset mood, thanks. Your is very cute, i wanna hug this kitty :)

    06月 3日 13:19 返信
  • RJules3

    Your last avatar was cute, now it is cute squared :-) I didn't think it was possible to boost the last one any more but you proved me wrong. I still like the picture of the cat within the laundry basket!

    06月 1日 22:42 返信
  • RJules3

    Your love of Bidi Bidi Bom Bom must be unlimited! My overall top track doesn't even reach 100 spins :-)

    06月 1日 17:22 返信
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