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  • RJules3

    That's a very expressive avatar - such a genuine smile :-)

    04月 15日 15:22 返信
  • EddyKutekushi

    at first I did not like much, but with the coming of the music clip was great! Now if it is well publicized has a chance to be successful ..

    03月 26日 00:40 返信
  • RJules3

    Reading from you - how could a day getting any better? Was the start into the new week to your liking? Over here spring is painting in amazing colours.

    03月 25日 00:17 返信
  • RJules3

    You got that right! Contrary to the lyrics of her song Ave Mary A 'we hate so fast and we love too slow' we just should take her to our hearts ;-)

    03月 24日 23:46 返信
  • RJules3

    There are a lot of corny jokes about sweet, P!nk and who is perfect to whom but I'm not in the mood to repeat them :-) I'm just happy if you are and listening to her can be True Love - just Try and that is even if she isn't F**kin' Perfect! ;-))

    03月 24日 17:09 返信
  • RJules3

    At first sight I thought: 'balloons?' but now I know you have a sweet tooth and cherish your Jelly Beans :-)

    03月 22日 01:23 返信
  • RJules3

    Sorry, I am not an expert on music, neither latin nor any other. I even didn't get the name of José Alfredo Jiménez right ;-) In the liner notes they are talking about the experimental status of the album and the mix of different styles. Cumbia is mentioned a lot. Most important is, it is a great pleasure to listen to it :-) But my listening habit won't be like yours - I'm in need of more variations -- like the saying in latin: variatio delectat :-))

    03月 15日 00:52 返信
  • RJules3

    Classic Latin? I really think that is more like Vicente Fernandez ;-))) But I like Jose Alfredo Jeminez more. Selena is Tejano - isn't it? For me it is :-)

    03月 15日 00:05 返信
  • RJules3

    The album is an astonishing profile of her songs. When listening to the Unforgettable I never imagined a lot of these titles to be from one studio album. It's a beautiful way to listen to Selena. I like it! :-) I am just listening to the description of the work.

    03月 15日 00:03 返信
  • RJules3

    :-))) absolutely! Much too hard ;-)

    03月 14日 23:47 返信
  • RJules3

    You know I am something like at home on your page :-) Even if I'm not commenting on all your journals (btw who would like that?) I'm reading them all! "Busy Bee" - I like the sound of that :-) such a cute vision: you hopping from flower to flower.

    03月 14日 23:36 返信
  • RJules3

    That was quite a quick reply, Rozzie! I interpret it as a GO4IT - and who I am to ignore such an urgent recommendation ;-))) I agree with you, it's outstanding!!!

    03月 14日 22:51 返信
  • eastcoastgirl4e

    No prob! you're welcome.. keep me updated take care :)

    03月 9日 13:02 返信
  • eastcoastgirl4e

    Oh wow really ! that's amazing best of luck to ya girl :) . I like the title too a nice ring to it !

    03月 9日 12:47 返信
  • eastcoastgirl4e

    Future writer huh? that's nice :)

    03月 9日 12:40 返信
  • eastcoastgirl4e

    Oh ok cool . Onlline classes are flexible too . What's was your interest in? Mine is Nursing

    03月 9日 12:36 返信
  • eastcoastgirl4e

    College for now but I have til next may to finish :) Hbu?

    03月 9日 12:31 返信
  • eastcoastgirl4e

    That's great to hear :) and I'm good thanks !

    03月 9日 12:25 返信
  • eastcoastgirl4e

    Hi love ! :) how are you ?

    03月 9日 12:17 返信
  • MyMusicMyDivas

    not quite so much, just listening paloma faith's new album and spending time.. :)) u?

    03月 6日 02:01 返信
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