Paul Blunden, 31, 男性, イギリス最後にアクセス:1 時間前

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  • jesterthejedi

    Why is support on last.fm shit? There is literally no way to contact anyone human to fix the insanely impossible scribbler install proxy loop. No support = dead product. I will complain on as many public boxes as possible, please share my outrage and pass along this message. thx

    04月 17日 17:45 返信
  • jammus

    I think you're a really cool guy.

    01月 13日 22:53 返信
  • KaramuKreemy

    http://www.last.fm/forum/21713/_/2237458 Please look into this, it's important.

    2014年 11月 11日 返信
  • Pbad

    Just testing

    2014年 10月 23日 返信
  • Tecfan

    it's interesting how i in 2011 had to listen to more "Cats and Cats and Cats" to become super, and now it's danny brown and a$ap ferg? :p

    2014年 09月 17日 返信
  • Isk0

    Great taste! :-)

    2014年 04月 4日 返信
  • haplomega

    I just want to thank you and every member of the staff for getting up everyday and making this possible.

    2012年 05月 19日 返信
  • miss_moto

    I'm finishing my degree at the moment, in third year so lots and lots of work! Plans post-Uni, not much for now.... save up as much money as I can and hopefully visit my best friend in Aus for a couple of months after graduating!

    2011年 12月 16日 返信
  • miss_moto

    I don't know haha, I guess you're living the dream in young-me's eyes. And now-me's eyes actually! Is it fun? :D

    2011年 12月 11日 返信
  • miss_moto

    "staff" when why how where? You just made 15-year-old me very proud and happy. :)

    2011年 12月 10日 返信
  • DeanMurr

    hi paul

    2011年 08月 9日 返信
  • Tecfan

    boo, down to "very high".. guess i have to listen to more Cats and Cats and Cats :)

    2011年 07月 30日 返信
  • Kitty5Kat

    no, you're great!

    2011年 07月 21日 返信
  • lumberjack

    love your taste! ;)

    2011年 07月 14日 返信
  • UlandenyOlivei

    PLEASE try to fix the photos of this singer, it's been over a year that is so. http://www.lastfm.com.br/music/Claudia+Leitte

    2011年 06月 22日 返信
  • Tecfan

    they are very sweet. I think that if you like Local Natives, you'll like Avi Buffalo :)

    2011年 06月 3日 返信
  • Tecfan

    I think it does :) underpangs is pretty close too, with Very high ^^. I just bought a Good Shoes cd single from him (noticing you have them as your top artist)

    2011年 06月 3日 返信
  • Tecfan

    first staff super :O

    2011年 06月 3日 返信
  • computerlove

    PJ Harvey's latest may be a career best, the new Metronomy one is getting a lot of spins. (Femme Fatale is BLOODY AWESOME!)

    2011年 05月 30日 返信
  • Missy_Missouri

    You Too! Good choice about "Liking Dinosaurs"aswell ;) X

    2010年 01月 17日 返信
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