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Joyce ManorBride of Usher Love トラック 2 時間前
ShieldsI Just Feel Hate 昨日 夜
For the Fallen DreamsBombay 昨日 夜
Attack Attack!Smokahontas 昨日 夜
MetricBreathing Underwater 昨日 夜
Case ClosedBreathe Slow 昨日 夜
BasementBreathe 昨日 夜
AshylusBreak The Mold 昨日 夜
The Tower and The FoolBreach 昨日 午後
The Tower and The FoolBreach 昨日 02:57am
So Called PlanDive 昨日 02:54am
Jason MrazLiving In The Moment 昨日 02:52am
Papa RoachGive Me Back My Life 昨日 00:55am
Papa RoachGive Me Back My Life 04月 18日 04:56
Papa RoachGive Me Back My Life 04月 16日 02:34
BasementBreathe 昨日 夜
AshylusBreak The Mold 昨日 夜
The Tower and The FoolBreach 昨日 夜
Times New RomanBicicletta Thief 昨日 09:06am
The Head and the HeartWinter Song 昨日 09:00am


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About Me

I'm pretty easy to get along with. I listen to everything, from the most radio friendly shite on the planet to the most guttural music there is, so if you're coming here to criticize/make fun/ or ignorantly blab about stupid stuff, I don't frankly care what you have to say.

On the other hand, if you want to discuss music, or just add someone with similar tastes, go right ahead. I love comics and gaming, and I'm going to school to complete my master's in mammalian systematics, specifically molecular techniques.

Fit For An Autopsy

The Devil Wears Prada

Stray from the Path

Conducting From The Grave

Born of Osiris

Tonight Alive

We Butter the Bread With Butter


Norma Jean

Sara Bareilles

We Came As Romans

The Civil Wars

1st track: (05 Jun 2009)
Within Temptation - Angels
10000th track: (07 Jul 2010)
Society's Plague - Lies of the Broken
20000th track: (06 Apr 2011)
A Saving Whisper - golden times for desperate lovers
30000th track: (24 Jan 2012)
Saves the Day - At Your Funeral
40000th track: (29 May 2012)
Regina Spektor - Oh Marcello
50000th track: (10 Sep 2012)
Handguns - Drag You Out
60000th track: (24 Nov 2012)
Basement - Covet
70000th track: (25 Dec 2012)
Missy Higgins - Don't Ever
80000th track: (07 Feb 2013)
Alkaline Trio - Donner Party (All Night)
90000th track: (04 Mar 2013)
VNV Nation - Illusion
100000th track: (31 Mar 2013)
Madi Diaz - Let's Go
110000th track: (26 Apr 2013)
Into It. Over It. - Connecticut Steps
120000th track: (22 Jun 2013)
The Story So Far - Quicksand
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