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2012年 05月 10日 00:06

FIP is Radio France's best kept secret -

The concept behind FIP has scarcely changed since its founding: music interrupted by traffic updates and cultural information with a short news broadcast at 10 before the hour, with no advertising. The broadcasts are presented by live announcers from 7 am to 11 pm, after which a robot replays parts of the music broadcast the previous day.

FIP’s programming is an eclectic mix of musical genres: chanson, rock, world music, classical music, film music, jazz and more, but connected with a theme. FIP is one of the few stations with this type of programming in the world.

(From the tag wiki)

Just check out those playlists:

This is a dream station for anyone who likes discovering new music - you literally never know what is going to be played next, but their selection is always varied and of a high calibre. News is minimal and adverts are non-existent.

You can listen directly on their website, or you can download their desktop app: (installation is in french, but is fairly straightforward)

Does it scrobble?

Yep, twifip was kind enough to create an account that scrobbles their playlists in realtime. The downside is that some songs have poor metadata (especially soundtracks) resulting in mistagged artists.

To scrobble, you need to use, an app created by one of our web developers, which lets you clone the scrobbles of another user. This is ideal for listening parties and scrobbling from radio stations like bbc6music

To scrobble:

1. Visit
2. Click join party and auth. your account.
3. Enter 'twifip' as the party you want to join and confirm.

(or bbc6music if you want to scrobble that - a full list of radio stations that scrobble can be found here)

NB: boxsocial will continue to scrobble even if you close the page. Be sure to visit the site and click on 'Leave party' to stop scrobbling to your account. Alternatively you can revoke account authorisation in your account settings here:

Retroactive scrobbles

Alternatively, you can scrobble retroactively with the awesome Universal Scrobbler:
(choose "Another user" in the menu)


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