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  • BeigeMidnight

    Thx for help!

    07月 18日 02:55 返信
  • qbaliqh

    Hi Jon! Thanks for the add!

    07月 17日 07:55 返信
  • qbaliqh

    Hi Jon! Your library is awesome and how can I resist wanting a friend whose avatar is from one of my all-time fave telly shows: The Avengers=))! Happy holiday! Cheers!

    07月 15日 07:19 返信
  • Dadieseldude05

    Completely understand how they'd be a little busy with the site. ;) Great to hear that the venues issue will be fixed! Thanks for reaching out.

    07月 1日 11:27 返信
  • blowhorn

    Hi Jon,MusicBrainz synchronization with has stopped from last month. Can you look into it.

    06月 8日 17:00 返信
  • Jonnyplops

    Hello, I'm unable to access the beta site...says my log in information is incorrect.

    05月 28日 18:20 返信
  • BioMSU

    Congratulations on reaching 100K :]

    05月 25日 17:19 返信
  • PsychicMusic

    Thanks! You're a miracle!

    04月 3日 02:52 返信
  • cs188

    Just wanted to point out, there seem to be a few broken links under the "Cool Stuff" list on your profile. Like Universal Scrobbler, Radio FR Solo, Radio France Application, soundamus. :)

    04月 1日 01:40 返信
  • autorretratos


    03月 30日 10:07 返信
  • littlechuckiec

    Jon, it just started working. I know another listener had the same problem, there was a thread for this. Thanks.

    03月 6日 21:22 返信
  • littlechuckiec

    Hey, Jon. You've helped me before, so here I am. Every station I try to connect to, it goes to it but nothing plays. It say 'Oops there was a problem....". I try another station and the same thing. I'm using internet explorer. Thanks.

    03月 6日 20:59 返信
  • danbesideyou

    Link: Look positive 7 and negative 61!!!!!!!!!! Please remove :((((

    01月 31日 14:14 返信
  • danbesideyou

    Please remove the main Jake Bugg. Is leaving the vast majority of users who attend disappointed, I believe that those who make is the people :( PLEASE !

    01月 31日 14:04 返信
  • philipsemmler

    Yes, I've thought of it before, but I didn't find a way to make the manual scrobble so it would date back to when the actual concert took place, and if I scrobble them now it will turns out over the stats for this year which I don't want to. But thank you for your answer.

    01月 24日 00:04 返信
  • philipsemmler

    Hey, do you know if there's any way to scrobble set lists from concerts you've been on before you made the setup with Setlist scrobbler? Thank you

    01月 23日 12:01 返信
  • Naijca

    Love the Ōkami avatar!

    01月 6日 21:37 返信
  • KaramuKreemy

    I don't mean to annoy you but it is extremely important I get this account back so please respond to my topic before it's too late to recover it.

    2014年 11月 11日 返信
  • usita4

    I guess I got the reason of my issue. Yesterday I realised I had my computer's date wrong one day on the future(example it would be showing today 23/10 as 24/10) so I fixed that. Now I have the albums recently listened way back in the history, and now I have "in x hours" on some tracks. It's arleady fixed, thx anyways.

    2014年 10月 24日 返信
  • usita4

    Well, this is wierd, I f5 the page and ALL of a sudden all the tracks I listened yesterday were showed, but when I first went to my profile they were not there, it seems it's fixed.

    2014年 10月 24日 返信
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