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Tori AmosThe Waitress 昨日 03:24am
Tori AmosThe Wrong Band 昨日 03:21am
Tori AmosBaker Baker 昨日 03:18am
Tori AmosPast the Mission 昨日 03:14am
Tori AmosBells for Her 昨日 03:08am
Tori AmosGod Love トラック 昨日 03:04am
Tori AmosBaker Baker 昨日 03:01am
Tori AmosSpace Dog 昨日 02:50am
Phil OchsMy Life 昨日 22:28pm
Tori AmosSpace Dog 昨日 22:09pm


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Greetings, fellow human. I enjoy music, which is the written or printed signs representing vocal or instrumental sound. This is my Last.Fm page. I use it for normal reasons, such as to track most of the music I listen to. For no reasons other than to HAVE FUN and for enhancing personal experiences the songs you can see on the left side of your screen are being scrobbled. Thank you for reading this, and tell Sophie I know what she's doing and that there will be consequences.

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