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HunsDeuTroy さんとの音楽相性度は不明



ScampOrganism 昨日 22:48pm
ScampAdrian 昨日 22:43pm
ScampExistence Status Zero 昨日 22:25pm
ScampThe Boys From Dead Soul Road 昨日 22:21pm
ScampThe Broken 20/20 昨日 22:17pm
Blues PillsDevil Man 昨日 19:27pm
Blues PillsLittle Sun 昨日 19:23pm
Blues PillsGypsy 昨日 19:18pm
Blues PillsAstralplane 昨日 19:15pm
Blues PillsDevil Man 昨日 19:09pm


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    Fans of evil blackened death metal , catch SVART CROWN live @ Hellfest - sunday 11h40-12h10 / Temple Stage. PROFANE new album streaming here :

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  • TheArtistBox

    Sorry to bother you, but as you are interested in these kinds of artist leagues. I am wondering if you may join the The Greek Artist League and The Italian Artist League? I only have a few members and even voting for some artists for these leagues are tricky. Anyway, if you don't, don't worry but it be nice if you do. I have help with artists etc from these countries at the group if thats why you don't wanna join. Thanks TAB

    2012年 11月 11日 返信



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