i only listen to field recordings, 男性, 南極大陸…最後にアクセス:火曜日 夜

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Ludovico EinaudiUno 昨日 午後
Ludovico EinaudiSvanire 昨日 午後
Ludovico EinaudiRitornare 昨日 午後
Ludovico EinaudiAscolta Love トラック 昨日 午後
Ludovico EinaudiFly 昨日 午後
Ludovico EinaudiL'origine nascosta 昨日 02:27am
Ludovico EinaudiOltremare Love トラック 昨日 02:16am
Ludovico EinaudiPrimavera Love トラック 昨日 02:09am
Ludovico EinaudiAndare 昨日 02:02am
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  • uwearsocks

    Cute animals were getting old.

    10月 26日 23:43 返信
  • Hybird45

    I bet you don't even bubble suslistic midget, idiot.

    08月 30日 15:47 返信
  • Hybird45

    mfw only 2 of your top 8 artists are good, why do you have such shit taste?

    08月 29日 16:47 返信
  • Hybird45

    I sexually Identify as an moose. Ever since I was a boy I dreamed of meandering around wheat fields dropping hot smelly loads on the wheat people eat. People say to me that a person being a moose is Impossible and I'm fucking retarded but I don't care, I'm beautiful. I'm having a plastic surgeon install antlers, hooves and a big hairy penis on my body. From now on I want you guys to call me "Moose" and respect my right to eat grass and shit on your wheat. If you can't accept me you're a moosophobe and need to check your animalistic privilege. Thank you for being so understanding.

    08月 27日 06:01 返信
  • erogazer

    yiff in hell

    08月 27日 04:02 返信
  • Hybird45

    >i have an animal as my avatar therefore im superior to everyone omg shut up you dumb kike i bet youre not even a moose irl fuken faggot

    08月 26日 23:20 返信
  • Hybird45

    >greentexting on lastfm Ayy

    08月 26日 05:51 返信
  • Hybird45

    im moos i have a shit taste

    08月 25日 19:19 返信
  • Hybird45

    im moos im gay as dicks

    07月 28日 06:28 返信
  • Arnoe

    hi. Yeah I know, i'm such a baller Q(*___*Q)

    06月 25日 03:34 返信
  • soaloof

    its what we make our houses from

    04月 20日 22:17 返信
  • Achruss

    Kraftwerk is awful.

    04月 20日 11:04 返信
  • uwearsocks

    Must be that cbl for revision.

    04月 7日 17:58 返信
  • Ave_Nelchael

    You might be right on the vigilante thing if it wasn't for the fact that everywhere you go in this day and age, life is full of complete retards. This said, I have to elaborate that it isn't really so much about taking them down for good as it is for self-defense; look at my profile pic, look at what you see a greasy, fat Mediterranean guy with a smart ass mouth or in other words a guy that to white muricans and scandofags would be epic fail. So in a sense... it is only for self defense as I have witnessed the trolling greatness that almighty Murica/Shittynawjo can do.

    03月 17日 08:07 返信
  • Ave_Nelchael

    My music. It is protocol to post it to anyone who sees my page (as long as they're not a Nazi, which if they are I am doxing and preparing DDoS at their pages as we speak).

    03月 16日 15:58 返信
  • Ave_Nelchael

    03月 16日 07:05 返信
  • Melee-Master


    01月 24日 12:15 返信
  • Melee-Master Yes it was, lol

    01月 24日 09:15 返信
  • Melee-Master

    Your profile picture reminds me of the bigass moose I saw in Whitehorse recently.

    01月 23日 18:42 返信
  • Frenchcon1


    2013年 12月 30日 返信
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Maybeshewill (Mojo Fury)
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PJ Harvey
Wolves in the Throne Room (Wolvserpent)
The Sword (Lonely Kamel)
Trippy Wicked & the Cosmic Children of the Knight
Petrol Bastard (Hydra)
Petrol Bastard x2 (mortalitech)

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