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Sleaford ModsPubic Hair Ltd 昨日 10:50am
Sleaford ModsScenery 昨日 10:48am
Sleaford ModsRoutine Dean 昨日 10:45am
Sleaford ModsBambi 昨日 10:43am
Sleaford ModsTweet Tweet Tweet Love トラック 昨日 10:40am
Sleaford ModsJolly Fucker Love トラック 昨日 10:38am
Sleaford ModsBlack Monday 昨日 10:35am
Sleaford Mods14 Day Court 昨日 10:32am
Sleaford ModsJobseeker Love トラック 昨日 10:28am
NasheimJag fyller min bägare med tomhet 昨日 09:16am
NasheimEn nyckel till drömmars grind 昨日 09:03am
ThantifaxathLost in Static Between Worlds 昨日 08:51am
ThantifaxathPanic Becomes Despair 昨日 08:45am
ThantifaxathEternally Falling 昨日 08:39am
ThantifaxathGasping in Darkness 昨日 08:33am


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  • FeatherofHuginn

    A cat?! Maybe a dog?

    03月 31日 13:19 返信
  • SavageDarkness

    y halo thur

    03月 29日 08:27 返信
  • kobushi_

    You ever listened to this mix? It's so good.

    02月 25日 12:34 返信
  • kobushi_

    Yes! The arrangements are great. I've never been disappointed by a C93 release but this one is pretty tops.

    02月 22日 21:23 返信
  • Draomere

    See your playing the shit out of the new Have a Nice Life.

    02月 19日 09:55 返信
  • amniocentesis

    Heyz E. Checked that new Silver Mount Zion? Quirt liking the new Warpaint as well.

    01月 27日 17:23 返信
  • UinViel

    Hexvessel! I'm seeing them live at the end of the month.

    01月 21日 06:23 返信
  • UinViel

    Thus far I've listened through the new Imperium Dekadez and Summoning a couple of times, and, as you guessed, both turned out to be up my alley. "Meadows" I took an instant liking to, but "Old Mornings Dawn" required a few more spins. I've never gotten into Summoning, you see – I've found it hard to take them seriously for various reasons – but now I decided to put my prejudices aside and give them a real listen, and soon I started enjoying the richly atmospheric music of theirs. I'm by no means their biggest fan as of yet, but I imagine I will start digging through their discography at some point. The rest I will have to take when I feel like it; I don't know what's wrong with me, but I haven't been in much of a mood for black metal the past year or so.

    01月 16日 19:11 返信
  • helloimjoshua

    I like how she refers to herself as yonce. It sounds really cool

    01月 16日 14:28 返信
  • UinViel

    Haven't really had the time nor opportunity to listen to much of what you recommended. But I'm back home, it's getting colder, and I feel like listening to some black metal again.

    01月 10日 07:18 返信
  • sheburon

    The end of the year is usually a musical lull for me. I tend to get involved in other things. Unfortunately I also got sick, so I was mostly just playing video games. I'm finally starting to feel better and listen a bit. I got new headphones so I'm happy, hehe. But the site being down really sucks and puts a damper on things.

    01月 7日 22:11 返信
  • amniocentesis

    One in your box (wait. whut?) :*

    01月 7日 06:29 返信
  • amniocentesis

    Oh. I made a '13 listis if you want to have a look: http://www.last.fm/user/amniocentesis/journal/2013/12/18/5z9keg_2013albums Not exhaustive by any means but I thought this a pretty good year across thr board.

    2013年 12月 31日 返信
  • amniocentesis

    Ha ha. Ain't no thing bby. I'm drifting in and out. Sounds exciting! Share when you're able.

    2013年 12月 31日 返信
  • SlaveOfN1l

    I noticed you undded muh on FB ;_;

    2013年 12月 28日 返信
  • Atrox43

    You have very impressive library, I really like it! :)

    2013年 12月 21日 返信
  • sheburon

    Hey, how are you doing? Anything new? I discovered the untitled Powell release today. I really dig that approach to electronic music.

    2013年 12月 20日 返信
  • amniocentesis

    Nevva betta buttacup. How's you?? I missed you :(

    2013年 12月 19日 返信
  • amniocentesis

    hey chica ;)

    2013年 12月 19日 返信
  • UinViel

    Great! This will keep me busy for a while. Knew I could rely on you for input.

    2013年 12月 13日 返信
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