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Dean BluntX 9 時間前
Dean BluntFOREVER 10 時間前
Dean BluntMOLLY & AQUAFINA 10 時間前
Dean BluntHEAVY 10 時間前
Dean Blunt100 11 時間前
Dean BluntBLOW 11 時間前
Dean Blunt50 CENT 11 時間前
Dean BluntLush Love トラック 11 時間前
DeathKeep On Knocking Love トラック 昨日 07:36am
DeathPoliticians in My Eyes Love トラック 昨日 07:30am
DeathWhere Do We Go From Here??? 昨日 07:26am
DeathFreakin Out 昨日 07:23am
DeathYou're A Prisoner 昨日 07:21am
DeathLet the World Turn 昨日 07:15am
DeathRock-N-Roll Victim Love トラック 昨日 07:12am


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  • Argaalofthemyst

    Jesus Christ, Faulty. It's been an awfully long time. Just saw a shout from you in a friend's shoutbox and I was whisked back to those old AE days. Well damn. How are ya these days? Still got top quality music taste I see!

    02月 3日 02:26 返信
  • thawingmagus

    hope all is well <3

    01月 23日 02:42 返信
  • MKVR32

    Long time no talk, Faulty. What's a good record from what you've been listening to lately? Hell, even something from 2015 would be cool.

    01月 22日 23:50 返信
  • Tincocar

    Cheers, Emma and hanks for your kind words! :)

    2014年 10月 20日 返信
  • CrescentBlaze

    What Mountain Goats songs would you recommend I listen to?

    2014年 10月 8日 返信
  • Nox-Aeternus

    - HELLO ! Respect & Salutations ! Tres belle médiatheque , félicitations ! Excellente journée . Respect ! Les Jumelles Monosy-Goths ; Chantel & Chantal !

    2014年 09月 26日 返信
  • UinViel

    Ahoy! Hexvessel was great. It's been a busy summer so far; I've bought and moved into a sailboat. I don't know how it will be when it gets colder, but I'm fairly optimistic. What have you been up to? Also, Ben Frost might be of interest to you. I especially appreciate his two latest albums.

    2014年 07月 24日 返信
  • amniocentesis

    dem hecq rmx'

    2014年 07月 22日 返信
  • shorty427

    ok nice

    2014年 07月 18日 返信
  • Khanatist

    Too many genres here, I'm overly confused

    2014年 07月 9日 返信
  • Asbestos_Death

    oh hi mrs. Hoffmeier

    2014年 06月 24日 返信
  • SavageDarkness

    Everyone always wants to cast out the darkness until they realize how boring life is without it .;3

    2014年 06月 23日 返信
  • helloimjoshua

    college was really fun. pretty weird that it's over now though. what're you up to nowadays?

    2014年 06月 21日 返信
  • SavageDarkness

    where the hell is boxxy when you need her

    2014年 06月 19日 返信
  • drumnvoice

    Hello > enjoy this amazing music of a very tight band > The K Square blue desert > CD Release www.traumton.de 9/13 ,> amazing - enjoy the music, available > iTunes, emusic, amazon, musicload, .... www.theksquare.com, best regards :)

    2014年 06月 18日 返信
  • Draomere

    Thanks a lot, man. I'm at a weird limbo stage with the project right now. I moved to New Orleans to join a DSBM project, and we've actually got a an EP coming out soon (I may as well show you the unmastered tracks). Gloria Lunae has an upcoming show, but as of right now I'm either going to try and record an internet collaboration with Antonio Fimbres (Gaia metalhead), Alexandre Julien (Vision Eternal), and Garry Brents (Cara Neir) or continue the project locally which is pretty insanely difficult to coordinate in this city.

    2014年 06月 17日 返信
  • SavageDarkness

    It's actually really weird that you just messaged me yesterdya, because this is the first time I checked my last.fm shoutbox in ages. Yes I was from gaia, I was the troll known as Putrid_Pathogen and Raunchy_Rectum (among others). http://www.gaiaonline.com/profiles/raunchy-rectum/4652516/ :) I remember you, vaguely, I remember you were one of my favourites.

    2014年 06月 16日 返信
  • helloimjoshua

    i stopped around february/march. partially it was something i decided to give up for lent (i'm protestant btw) but in general i felt like music was taking up waaay too much time. i was addicted to hoarding music (both downloading and listening) and it was pretty unhealthy imo. it was also my last semester of college so i wanted to spend less time online and more in the real world. now that i've stopped, it feels very freeing in the sense that i don't feel any pressure to keep up with music.

    2014年 06月 15日 返信
  • helloimjoshua

    i'm still taking a break from what.cd. i'm not sure i'll ever update my collage/post regularly again. life's getting busy and i've been reading more books/watching more films

    2014年 06月 15日 返信
  • MarxistayWeila

    nice that u also listened to Модест Петрович Мусоргский once

    2014年 06月 14日 返信
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