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Martin Solveig & GTAIntoxicated 04月 24日 16:08
Bloc PartyBanquet 04月 24日 15:37
CristallinT I D E S 04月 24日 15:34
Nothing But ThievesItch 04月 24日 15:30
Nothing But ThievesWake Up Call 04月 24日 15:27


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  • Labryssa

    Heyy! :D Ohh I just wondered, but ..so what! :D I mean, we could have chatted on Facebook, but.. I don't know, haha :D Oh, I'm okay, there are a couple of free days left, but then the stress begins! Only 7 days of school, but we write sooo many tests in this week -.- And then my exams begin! Ouhhh, I just want it to be over! :'D How are you? What are you doing? Have you finished your studies already? :) Oh, I haven't went to Belgium. Pity, nobody wanted to come with me :D But there was a Sunrise Avenue concert in the summer and BossHoss too, that's right! :) Now I'm looking forward to a little gig at the end of may and two other concerts in summer :) But first - I have to survive the exams x) I want to study psychology after my A-levels, I'm quite excited :) But I don't know which university will accept me, so I will have to wait and just look what's happening then :D no problem! :) Ahhh and The Mentalist!! What do you say to the finale??? :))

    04月 8日 20:20 返信
  • Labryssa

    oh, no problem, really! :) And you're right, Facebook is a great invention :D I'm going to spend two weeks at the Baltic Sea with my parents, then I will go working for one week and the rest of the time I will relax :D But I will go to a concert in 3 weeks (Sunrise Avenue), and I hope my parents will allow me to go to another one in September (The BossHoss)! But at the moment they are saying "no", as always ;P And I wanted to travel to Belgium, but no one wanted to go with me, so I just spend one or two days in Hamburg maybe and go to a musical with a friend - but yeah, just maybe^^ What are your plans? :) How was your last exam? Have you now finished your studies completely? Oh, no, I haven't seen all episodes of season 6 yet, but I probably will start watching all the rest :) Awwwwwwwww and I'm still feeling the same way as you! Jisbon is SO great, I watched the season's final for the forth time yesterday... I still can't believe it!!! ♥♥♥ I can't wait one year till season 7 :(((

    2014年 06月 6日 返信
  • bobdeker

    Hey ^^ Remember Drink Me ?? You should like this one: http://freedownloads.last.fm/download/695385148/Pathfinder.mp3 Hope you'll like ;)

    2014年 04月 3日 返信
  • Labryssa

    Ha, now I have time! :D Had a great Sunday. The weather was brilliant, it was warm and the sun was shining, we went to a café and ate some icecream.. :) And I saw my chemistry teacher with his son, riding their bikes, so sweet! :D What about your weekend? :) Thank you so much! I'm afraid to drive too, but that's.. yeah, not so good, I must learn to relax x) But it's so hard.. Good luck to your sister! :) Thanks again, the concert surely will be great! :) What's your topic at the moment in the German lessons? :) Uhhhh, Jisbon as a couple undercover? Aww, that has to be great! :D I'm getting really excited! :D Hm, but Lisbon's boyfriend.. not good :P Oh, I'm a hopeless shipper too, so you are not alone! :D

    2014年 03月 31日 返信
  • Labryssa

    Argh, forgot to answer again! -.- Sorry! :x I must say that driving classes are really horrible ._. I feel sick every time and I'm really afraid of it x/ What about you? Have you already learned how to drive a car?^^ The Sunrise Avenue concert was really great! SO many people, but such a great atmosphere! :) Gonna see them live again in summer, will be great :) And the support was so damn sweet :D And I would really like to go to the Editors, but that wasn't possible because of school etc ;P But I'm now allowed to go to Triggerfinger, that's really great! :D Keep my fingers crossed for you! :) How are your German lessons going? :D And how's the weather now? Last week I could go outside without a jacket, but now it got quite cold again, horrible! xP What about The Mentalist? :) Did Jane and Lisbon finally realize they are made to be together? :D I'm still waiting for them to come closer to each other, but nothing really happens x)

    2014年 03月 28日 返信
  • zabka1995

    Pity that you don't understand what he talks in interview or something haha. I think he won becouse he is so funny and charming and people love him for this xd

    2014年 03月 2日 返信
  • zabka1995

    Ohh I understand ;D i listen only Dawid from x-factor ;D he is very charming and has an amazing voice ;)

    2014年 03月 2日 返信
  • zabka1995

    Whats his name? :D We had 3 edition of X-factor (today 4th is starting) and in first the winner was amazing but he makes music not for everyone. He doesnt want to be famous and he is street performer. Dawid was a winner at 2 edition and the girl who was at 4 place is very popular in Poland (More than Dawid) but i dont like her.

    2014年 03月 2日 返信
  • zabka1995

    Yeeeaaah, but in Poland he doesn't very popular :( He won X-factor but here teenagers prefer ridiculous stars who are new polish Bieber. Polish music sucks and only he and (for me about 3-4) are notable :D

    2014年 03月 2日 返信
  • zabka1995

    O. Podsiadło in Lithuanian library. I like it ;D

    2014年 02月 28日 返信
  • Starry-skies

    Geras skonis. :)

    2014年 02月 26日 返信
  • Labryssa

    ...i just could go on Fridays or Saturdays, because I would have to stay over night there.. and with school, that's a real problem ._. And my parents would have to agree and come with me... complicated! I'm still fighting that I can go to Triggerfinger in April, that would be just one hour away from our hometown, but nobody wants to drive me :D Hrr! Hope you'll be luckier than me! :)

    2014年 02月 12日 返信
  • Labryssa

    Hey-ho! :D Sounds like it has been cold in Lithuania ;) We only had snow for one week and now it's getting more like spring :) But I'm not sad about that^^ How were your holidays? What did you get for Christmas? :) Glad to hear that you passed your German exams! :) So, now you're at university again? :) I'm doing well at school, just 3 days left and then there're holidays again :) Going to start driving school :D And there's one concert waiting for me, wooho! (Pity that it isn't Depeche Mode tomorrow xP) Uh, cold's bad! Get well soon! I had one too, but now I'm healthy again :) Yeah, I know who RJ is :D But the episodes are still so exciting! :o Uhh, thank you for telling me this - I didn't know that they're back :O How great's that? :) Looking forward to their new album! I have no clue how it could sound - like Progress or more like the older stuff? Completely different? What do you think? Keep my fingers crossed they will come to your country :) Berlin would be great for me - but ...

    2014年 02月 12日 返信
  • il-onka

    who would blame you! :D I'm very happy to hear that!!!

    2014年 01月 25日 返信
  • il-onka

    aw thanks a lot! I saw you've reblogged almost all my stuff hahaha! thank you!!!

    2014年 01月 24日 返信
  • Labryssa

    Hey! :) Sorry for the late reply - again :/ I wish you a happy new year! :) I hope, it began well for you^.^ Did you have snow on Christmas? :) We hadn't got any snow yet - ok, two days or something, but it just fell down and melted on the ground ._. But they say that next week there could be some - we'll see :D Do you know your results of the German exam already? :) I'm going to write to 'big' tests next week, English and Biology.. hm, hope it will go well :D Oh, and how was your exam on 17th Dec? Did you enjoyed your holidays? :) Tomorrow they will boradcast the first new episode of The Mentalist, I'm so excited! :D But in "Navy CIS", it will be the last episode with Ziva tomorrow.. so sad ._. I hate it when the main characters leave! Uh, and I already read that they catched RJ - I didn't really want to read this article, but I coudn't stand my curiosity... :D &I already watched some short videos of the 'really' new episodes, when Jane has a beard -so damn hot! :D

    2014年 01月 12日 返信
  • Labryssa

    Hey-ho! :) Just wanted to wish you a merry christmas! :*

    2013年 12月 25日 返信
  • Labryssa

    Hey! 'course I remember you!:) I'm quite fine, I think :D Just want to have holidays and escape the stress of school! Next week will be ok because this is a special project-week with presentations and a free friday and an excursion on thursday, but the week after that will be hard again xP loads of tests..grr! So I'm not really in Christmas mood yet, but this will come in the holidays :D What about you? :) Do you have snow already? Oh yeah, I can imagine that german grammar is quite difficult :D If you need any help, feel free to ask me! :) I keep my fingers crossed for your exam ;) Yeah, I still watch The Mentalist, but it's very chaotic. They broadcast old episodes and say that those were new ones, and after next week there won't be no Mentalist until 2014, but they said that there will be new episodes :D Finally! It's all very confusing! xP And I can't wait to see the new season.. :x Just saw a confusing Jisbon-scene & a pic on Facebook that there's just one candidate for RJ left?

    2013年 12月 1日 返信
  • Labryssa

    Heyho! :) Sorry, I'm late again.. ^-^ Fighting with my new teachers and stuff for about.. 6 weeks now, I think :D Yeah, but it isn't as bad as I thought it would be. It's demanding, though, and I have not so much free time as I used to have, but it's okay.. somehow :'D What about your studies? How do you like the German language? :D Can I help you with something already? :) Urgs, but I don't like autumn :D It always rains and it's grey and cold and... rainy :D Ok, the trees look beautiful. But for me, that's all :D I don't like it too, when it's too warm in summer - so, spring is perfect for me :) Everything's getting green again and the sun shines, but it isn't too warm.. ^.^ My summer was quite similar to yours, I think :D I just spend two weeks at the Baltic Sea and went to a little gig in the city where my brother lives.. yeah, and relaxed :) We've just finished the.. öhm... 4th? or 5th? I don't know... season of The Mentalist, and now there are old episodes again -.-

    2013年 10月 16日 返信
  • kristukxxx

    Liuks. Yra žiauriai kabinančių dainų. Bet truputį savo stilių pakeitė jis.

    2013年 10月 8日 返信
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