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AWOLNATIONNot Your Fault 4 時間前
AWOLNATIONWindows 5 時間前
System of a DownSugar 5 時間前
Emilie AutumnGirls! Girls! Girls! 7 時間前
Emilie AutumnTake the Pill 7 時間前
Icky BlossomsSex to the Devil Love トラック 昨日 01:10am
Lana Del ReyYayo Love トラック 昨日 10:41am
Lana Del ReyGods & Monsters Love トラック 昨日 10:37am
Lana Del ReyBlue Velvet Love トラック 昨日 10:35am
Lana Del ReyBody Electric Love トラック 昨日 10:29am


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  • lancelovesgaga

    I feel like dick for forgetting to reply back again fuck. Sorry! I hope things get better for you though, I've found out some new things about myself the past year or two as well :| you and Adore(?) look mega cute in your profile pic btw <3

    02月 16日 08:54 返信
  • lancelovesgaga

    How has life been for you?

    01月 14日 00:18 返信
  • lancelovesgaga

    Nooooo :( wht about ARTPOP?

    01月 9日 12:49 返信
  • lancelovesgaga

    you look super cute btw

    01月 9日 03:37 返信
  • lancelovesgaga

    what exactly happened? i was gone for a while too btw do you like Gaga's new Jazz album?

    01月 9日 03:37 返信
  • lancelovesgaga

    Because you were one of the signature members and well liked of course<3 why'd you leave though? dont like Gaga anymore?

    01月 8日 23:31 返信
  • lancelovesgaga

    Why dont you wanna come back? :(

    01月 8日 13:29 返信
  • lancelovesgaga

    You're the king of the Drag Race thread though :(

    01月 8日 10:47 返信
  • lancelovesgaga


    01月 7日 10:16 返信
  • j3s00s

    what a complex taste!

    01月 4日 23:34 返信
  • bathorydn

    Hey fellow Todd Smith fan! :)

    2014年 08月 10日 返信
  • FunkyPortable

    Hello from Ireland, have an nice evening :)

    2014年 06月 19日 返信
  • coobymx

    Yeah. I hope April gets on All Stars 2 too, I think she had a lot more to show. I don't think we'll see Bianca in AS2... cause she better wins this season!

    2014年 04月 11日 返信
  • coobymx

    Yeah... Or if they ever release an album again .They take so long! And yeah, I can see which team you're on, same team here. Although April was my favorite :(

    2014年 04月 10日 返信
  • coobymx

    Really? That's awesome. I've never been to an Evanescence's concert before, I was so close a couple of years ago but my job stopped me. You have a great taste too! Loving season 6 too.

    2014年 04月 8日 返信
  • V0LTA13

    lol yesss. Been getting into punk lately too.

    2014年 03月 29日 返信
  • V0LTA13

    omg thanks. Listening to the tracks now. Was contemplating on getting into them for some time cause one of brothers has been getting into them too.

    2014年 03月 29日 返信
  • V0LTA13

    jsdhfjgsd I knew the Chapterhouse song sampled one of your faves but I forgot which one. :toofunny: But yeah it was mainly SATB, Cocteau Twins, & The Jesus and Mary Chain that made shoegaze what it is. And yessss @ u liking that Ride song.

    2014年 03月 29日 返信
  • V0LTA13

    Some of my faves:

    2014年 03月 29日 返信
  • V0LTA13

    Yeah there are actually quite a lot of metal bands that go down the shoegaze route. Some other shoegaze bands can be pretty boring but it really depends. Each band in the genre kind of have their own sound.

    2014年 03月 28日 返信
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