• No matter what happens

    2014年 05月 21日 07:27

    There is and will always be time for music in my life :). A starring role.
  • Phone Music: aka It sucks not being able to access your whole music collection

    2013年 08月 7日 22:45

    The perils of not being able to carry your 700 gig music collection around with you all portably. I tried Audiogalaxy and it was just too much of a hassle.

    Variety down, listening to the same songs WAY UP.
  • Bland listening lately thanks work/phone. My Triple J Hottest 100 votes

    2012年 12月 30日 15:05

    Since I've only been able to use my phone for music lately alot of my charts look pretty lame! I am getting a Sony Xperia z next year so I'll have 128gb to fill my phone with music goodies for when I am at work on the train. Also quitting my job and moving on but shhh!!

  • My favourite music quote

    2012年 09月 13日 23:17

    Music is nothing separate from me. It is me. I can't retire from music any more than I can retire from my liver. You'd have to remove the music from me surgically — like you were taking out my appendix. -Ray Charles
  • Cant Wait to Crack 100,000!

    2012年 01月 7日 00:14

    Please note above!
  • Lately...

    2011年 12月 10日 16:27

    Getting into mixtapes, playlists and as always uncovered gems. Finding alot of good music from radio/pod casts and recently http://rangers.nhl.com/club/page.htm?id=75859

    Perfect songs for perfect occasions, the art of the mixtape/ role of s DJ thingo.
  • Bored, Late Night Listening

    2011年 06月 21日 01:05

    No one's up and no one's listening to anything interesting so...

    My music taste is definitely expanding, starting to enjoy some atmospheric kind of stuff which Ive never really seen a point too.

    Here two of my favorite tracks from what I refer to as atmospheric music. Doesn't really have a start point, doesn't really have an end point, doesn't really have a destination but still enjoyable.

    Best to listen to in albums to promote one train of thought/emotion/feel.

    Will write again when I'm next bored.

  • AC/DC Melbourne 15/2/10

    2010年 02月 16日 03:13

    Mon 15 Feb – AC/DC, Wolfmother, Calling All Cars

    Well what can I say which hasn’t already been said AC/DC tonight for Monday show were amazing. The setlist was the same and sure even Angus solo segment was the same but at least you know with AC/DC you will everything they have.

    Being in a decent position and in Arena 1 this time the crowd and excitement were polar opposites as Rock N' Roll train came on Arena 1 was going nuts ... except for the oldies I guess. The crowd was ALOT better than on Saturday night... you would think it would be opposite. Then again you have to be pretty rock n roll to go out on a Monday Night really.

    The stage work, the lights, the fireworks, the anime black ice train thing, the big blow up rosie, the cannons for those about rock all thoroughly add to this amazing arena rock in my opinion to quote Rammstein 'sometimes just rock music on its own can be a bit boring' and alas AC/DC not only deliver on the showmanship side of things but also the rock n roll side of things.

    Dirty Deeds once again early in the setlst is really a song that from an early moment actively involves almost all of the crowd. Big Jack was once again one of my favs but was met with mostly polite headbanging and dancing etc.

    The highlights of the show for me where:
    -Back in Black. the song sounded weak to me on Saturday night, where it was Arena 3 sound I dont know but it was awesome to hear this rocking tune in all its glory
    -rock n roll train and the fever pitching opening of the show
    -shoot to thrill
    -shot down in flames
    -FOR those about to rock, the more I think about it the more I think it is the perfect song to end on.

    The show was pretty much exactly the same but from my perspective I noticed

    -More bewbs, less of this pull the top up but not the rest stuff which caught on on Saturday night
    -Better crowd participation, AC/DC didn't have to quite work so hard to get people singing/moving
    -They were on slightly earlier, dont know why I typed this. They were on maybe 5 minutes more in the 15th show lol
    -Different songs seemed to be crowd favs: Saturday: Dirty Deeds, Shook, High Voltage Monday: Deeds again, thunderstruck, shoot to thrill.
    -Less red ears. Couldn't ascertain a noticeable difference in crowd.

    And more if I can think of any lol. Both shows had alot in common the solo Angus did was the same, the stripping routine, the get the party started thing Brian says, the watch 98% was exactly the same. But i was able to enjoy both in different ways. Was kind of hoping Angus's long solo after let there be rock was improv but it wasn't heh

    In terms of going to two concerts I would recommend it if you really like the band. I found Saturday I mostly listened and watched, where Monday I was more involved in the crowd participation elements. Although it must be said compared to some of the rowdy concerts I have seen AC/DC do overseas and the reception they get... Well Australia is a just a disgrace a nation of toe tappers and gentle head bangers who wont jump for more than 2 minutes at a time!

    This time I saw Calling Cars. I heard several tunes I thought were pretty good and am interested to listen to them more.

    AC/DC always deliver, and from a viewing point of up close this time they seem to enjoyable absolutely every minute of it.


    Wolfmother were good, joker and theif being the highlight and I do believe they started with Dimension, expected them to be lame but thoroughly enjoyed them. I will give their new album a listen as there were some good basic rock n roll on it. The song that sounds like it rips off La Grange sucked though. Basically both these bands stopped me getting bored and passed the time well. I would think both really fit in with AC/DC n terms of tours nicely as well.

    punctuating and spelling coming bare with me too tired ATM :). If you went to both or all three shows comment on which was better and why please!

    Edit this setlist | More AC/DC setlists

  • AC/DC Melbourne 13/2/10

    2010年 02月 14日 00:30

    Sat 13 Feb – AC/DC, Wolfmother, Calling All Cars
    Setlist same as last night: http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/acdc/2010/etihad-stadium-melbourne-australia-3bd758c8.html

    Not really a review. I am forgetting much of my concert experiences lately so I am going to write down some thoughts about my first time seeing AC/DC... even though it turned out to be a particularity memorable concert!

    This was AC/DC's middle concert on a Saturday with the first being the previous Thursday and the next on Monday. I missed calling cars from what I have heard calling cars are decent and Wolfmother were passable. I arrived at gate 7 at 8.47pm and was considerably nervous considering AC/DC started at 8.55. Those dumb morons had run out of wrist bands (that was the actual reason they gave us for keeping us in line and us almost missing the start of the concert) well done etihad

    Alot of aggro started to develop, lota yelling and 5 minutes later we suddenly didn't need wrist bands to get in.

    The band Started with rock n' roll train, this may rise some eyebrows but I love Black Ice and this song is is one of my favs off it, along with the cool.... background? lights? stage setup it really was an awesome opening. And I really just dug hearing the AC/DC sound for the first time in the flesh and then Brian singing.

    The crowd was pretty flat at this stage, lot old people and toe tappers... at least around me, wasn't as rowdy as I thought it might be on a Saturday night

    Back in Black suffered horribly from the goddamn inexcusable ATROCIOUS SOUND of the venue. I can listen to AC/DC louder in my room on average speakers than at their concert!?!?! doesn't seem right at all. I thought AC/DC were meant to be as loud as all hell, yet I can hearing annoying plodders talking on the phone next to me while back in black is playing.

    The high expectation, the underwhelming sound, and the fact Angus looked like a tiny spec from my viewing pointunfortunately put me in a bit of a negative mood. I guess the perils of stadium rock to a degree. (Bless those screens I watched alot of the concert from the left side one)

    Around the time DIRTY DEEDS came on I decided I would stop whinging I dont know if this happened for anyone else but I felt this song really seemed to lift the crowd, there were a few less people standing dead still and tapping their toes and a few more random dances, jumps, and fist pumping!

    As testament to the fact things were a little bit flat I actually heard Brian say 'weird' after one of the songs... because things were dead silent and the atmosphere didn't seem to be there. Was positive he was alluding to the poor crowd and lack of crowd participation (In my view)

    Shot down in flames was also good, had forgot how much i liked the riffage there.

    Big Jack: one of my favorites not many people knew it

    The Jack: not one of my favs but alot of others enjoyed it, some nice bewbs... and some not so nice bewbs as the camera scanned the crowd looking for the willing!

    Thunderstruck was a winner as you would expect especially with the crowd able to get loud with the singing, tried purposely to see if I could hear Angus make a mistake but didn't hear it to my ears. Angus Young is certainly alot more proficient on the guitar than you would guess. The reason why the songs remain simple is because that is AC/DC that's why have people from 60 to 8 at there show, not selling out on your style and values goes along way in the long run.

    (probably should have mentioned before amazing cross section of the community at the concert they seem to cross most barriers)

    Black ice was ok, would of loved anything goes, skies on fire, who made who, girls got rhythm. Black ice isnt bad there is just so much better which could take it's place IMO.

    Hells Bells... The big giant AC/DC bell Brian moving from 200 meters away from me to 100metres away from me before doing a little run and hanging on the bell for a bit, this was a personal highlight, leading up the concert I actually hadn't been listening to this song much, but the show reminded me of how much I loved it. The rock n roll sound of this song is awesome. The performance sounded spot on.

    Shoot to Thrill, similar to above me and around me received a rapturous response. This is kind of the signature AC/DC tune everything they excel at can be found in this song!

    War Machine: good one of the better ones of black ice still favor another older song though.

    HIGH VOLTAGE: THIS was my highlight the song sounded amazing, there were various pictures up on the screens thought at random times honoring Bon Scott (RIP) and if I was going to lose my voice at an AC/DC concert it would be singing this. This and SHOOK ME ALL NIGHT LONG back to back really pumped up the ground and this was the highlight of highlights this two songs back to back I will most remember for my favorite bit in the concert.

    TNT: oi...oi...oi another crowd favorite and this with the above two songs signaled the peak of the show for me. And for once with everyone singing oi it actually sounded like we were in a crowded stadium with everyone knowing the words!

    Whole Lotta Rosie: Giant blow up Rosie in the background as AC/DC ran through this classic, the train, the fireworks, the blow up Rosie in my opinion all significantly added to the stadium rock spectacle and increased the entertainment and viewing pleasure of the show

    Let There Be Rock: Dont remember well

    It was somewhere around here Angus went nuts, soloed for around 10 minutes and even came to the middle and was on some kind of lift thing, elevated and in the middle of etihad stadium just letting loose with some balls to the wall rock n roll solos. This went on for around 10 minutes, the crowd got involved at various stages, Angus showed how entertaining he was and the fact he has lost none of his skill or energy in mature age! The band then came back and said bye.

    HIGHHHHHHHWAY TO HELL DA NA, pretty self explanatory, awesome song, great reaction

    For Those About to Rock (We Salute You) A good finisher but not the best for those about to rock.... complete silence no one knew the words at least not around me didn't hear much of a noise from the crowd either when Brian indicated it was there turn to sing. A hit and a good song but lack the ubiquity of songs like TNT and Thunderstruck. I like the lyrics and the message it sends for those about to rock I salute you!

    All in all I would say AC/DC were awesome they gave it everything and showed no signs of slowing down, I looked for signs of weakness, a unsteady vocal here here, an energy less band member there NONE were there to be seen. Im going to steal someone else's quote now and I forget where I read it 'AC/DC are well oiled machine' Nothing can be said which is more true. The red horns flashing everywhere and being surrounded by 50,000 people, and the stands mostly full was very cool as well.

    Going again Monday might write some more garbage or compare shows!, cbf proof reading this ATM just wanted to get some thoughts down before I forget it

    all[event=]??[/event]AC/DCBlack Ice[event=]http://www.last.fm/event/1079334+AC-DC+at+Etihad+Stadium+on+13+February+2010[/event]
  • Death Metal & Mozart

    2009年 02月 27日 02:51

    The combination ensures a rather unusual and eye opening listening process. As a sudden urge to find music that truly moves me overwhelms me I have been able to broaden my horizons tonight, as well as re evaluate my own little piece of philosophy on music.

    A good piece of music or song is that which provokes a certain powerful energy inside you. It evokes emotions and demands a response. This can be sadness, joy or any range of emotions, as I have realized with classical music. Some songs can be both sad and depressing or uplifting and joyous . It is in the 'ear' of the beholder.

    This of course means good music as we all probably have gathered is purely subjective. Certain songs, notes, artists, melodies create certain feelings in some people yet other people do not like or do not feel anything when they hear that song, perhaps other than disdain this is I guess is known as our music taste or music personality.

    Perhaps it is our personality which governs which forms of music we find attractive. I find it hard to swallow that some people could argue with using my philosophy that Katy Perry releases "good music". Pop exists in my opinion because there is no doubt certain arrangements, forms of music are more endearing to the human ear and easier to decipher and understood. It creates a quicker but weaker form of feeling or emotion within a person than other forms. It is important to note that the trade off of this quicker message and creation of emotion is it the emotion comes in a weaker form and with a shorter life span. There is a reason why some songs remain timeless it is because they take longer to decipher but result in stronger emotions once understood.

    People that attract to pop music perhaps are those yet to fully experience the full power of music's effects on oneself and thus live in their own small realm.

    An example that comes to mind is if someone lives in the one suburb their whole life. They may like, They may enjoy it, but there is indisputably a better suburb somewhere else out there that could make them happier but they refuse to leave their comfortable realm to see it.

    This is life too I mean some people will live in the same town for their whole life's and some people will listen to the same type of music their whole life's.

    This is I guess why it is important to explore one's musical depth to it's full capacity so one can truly find the music (or suburb) that's best or most meaningful to them.

    I'm completely ignoring trends in this blog for good or bad. Musical discovery at the end of the day should be about yourself. You identify with what you identify with,likely influenced by a range of factors from your peers to your personality but once you create your own musical realm it can be hard to leave the chances are it will always be a safe house even if you stray. Because I don't believe music taste changes to much once it is set.(You only have to look at your grandparents still raving about a song that was released in 1950 to realize this) You may pretend to like different music because it is cool or trendy but the core element of what you seek in your music are unlikely to change.

    You only need to look as far as your grandparents to realize taste does not completely change or differ drastically over time. Even if you say your taste does change you listen to different genres etc what you seek in the music is unlikely to change.

    To illustrate this I will use an example from my life. I am aware of a friend's brother who went from listening to Slipknot to attending raves, you may say he has completely changed his taste, and while it outwardly appears that is so what he seeks in his music(as governed by his music personality) energy and uplifting sounds which he can release himself too has not changed so his music personality or his music has not changed.

    Comments welcome, sick of typing. And I cant really be bothered proof reading or doing any more explaining or defining of my ramblings.

    A song I would without a doubt check out is:

    [youtube]<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/VA3nn_6ZqpM&hl=en&fs=1"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/VA3nn_6ZqpM&hl=en&fs=1"; type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>[/youtube]

    -On a lighter note I read some of my older journals on this site from some three years ago the other day and I really CRINGED.

    Thy Light, Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin, Katty Perry, Morbid AngelIn My Last MourningPiano Sonata No. 14 In C Sharp Minor Moonlight