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  • XortXosnaw

    After so many hard years, shameful humiliations and desperate decades ... - Now it is coming so close: FREEDOM FOR KURDISTAN ... ... at least in the disintegrating Iraq and perhaps in self-cleaving Syria. HOPE! FREEDOM!!!

    07月 18日 09:08 返信
  • XortXosnaw

    In this civil war, I can understand the motives of the Sunnis and the Shiites, these of autocratic Assad, those of historically emotionally-charged Maliki and that ones of the original rebellious partisans of Syria: both, Kurdish and non-Kurdish. But those goddamn mercenaries of “ISIL”, “ISIS” or “Islamic State” - especially the foreign jihadists among them - I can and I will not accept. These wicked, they follow a totalitarian ideology and enforced conformity, which is almost more mendacious than fascism. Poor lads from Europe's and America's suburbs infiltrate foreign countries, not only to pursue their anachronistic dreams, but at least as much to live out their personal megalomania and sadism.

    07月 18日 09:07 返信
  • XortXosnaw

    Oh my God: They lustfully cut the throats of peolpe, they do not even know, in countries, which does not have called them. Instead of admitting that they make their misdeeds for money, fame, lust for power and adventure, they cover their bad conscience by claiming to strive allegedly in God's name, yes, they would even sacrifice themselves. What an infamous lie, what a fatal self-lie!

    07月 18日 09:07 返信
  • XortXosnaw

    Blood is on their redder expectant hands, blacker their souls become every day. Migrant children from Western countries - some are not even adults - travel for their adventure game to Turkey, to cross the border then for killing in the name of Allah: their victims are Shiites and Sunnis, Syrian rebels and Kurds, children and old people, women and men. Where do they get the right for it? Why do they kill us Kurds, we want nothing more than finally to govern ourselves. Miserables, go home to your places, before you take still more blame on you, before you've got defiled the honor of your familys totally, before you damage the image of Islam more and more, before you continue to self-destruct your own soul!

    07月 18日 09:07 返信
  • saredemba

    Bienvenue dans le vaste univers musical de CERISE FM. Online Broadcast from 17h from Monday to Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 12h (French time) . 20h-03h special ethno world Music program.!/profile/Saredemba/24683562/broadcast

    04月 27日 20:00 返信
  • rwffl

    newroz piroz be! :)

    03月 22日 10:44 返信
  • andyvonmusik

    Merry X-Max and Happy New Year and so and so and so... From andyvonmusik

    2013年 12月 24日 返信
  • zappa4ever

    ^♥^ true friends are never apart - maybe in the distance, but not in the heart ^♥^

    2013年 11月 30日 返信
  • jaIngwarr

    Это все потому что я слушаю курдскую музыку?:D

    2013年 11月 27日 返信
  • rogerjazzfan

    Greetings from Brasil.

    2013年 10月 31日 返信
  • headey1p

    Hello -do you know the Kurdish connection/story to the photo here -& anything about Yunus Dişkaya ? :)

    2013年 10月 28日 返信
  • uglyfat

    17 in 2009, 18 in 2013. Enviable pace, girl Beritan. 8-)

    2013年 10月 11日 返信
  • headey1p

    OK, only 2 tracks heard but you asked my favourite Kurd album :) here :) very imaginitive, to me sounds more modern than 2001 ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~ and only 3 listeners :(

    2013年 09月 28日 返信
  • mentionthegypsy

    ps...also enjoying your radio

    2013年 09月 26日 返信
  • mentionthegypsy

    thanks for your list...and excellent journals...i am taking the time to carefully go through...and as i am new to kurdish will take some time to decide on favorites...thanks again...peace, Jazzy

    2013年 09月 26日 返信
  • OncleArchibald

    Hello, My top 3 : Kamkars Ensemble, Ali Gülsoy and Soner Emir. Actually, all 12 albums are very good.

    2013年 09月 23日 返信
  • headeynyp ~~~~~~~ I am just listening to Azari. Though it is quite long (for me) I'd welcome other suggestions like this & the bands in the shout below.

    2013年 09月 22日 返信
  • headeynyp

    Thanks for the links, just to let you know, : I'm enjoying the instrumentals like ~~,+Elie+Maalouf,+Haroun+Teboul,+Emek+Evci,+Adel+Shams-el-Din/_/Vertige ~~ :) ~~~~~~~~~ but struggling with the vocals -it is such a long way from what I'm used to. I'm tagging those tracks 'instrumental' now so maybe I can hear them again.

    2013年 09月 22日 返信
  • FolkBlackDoom

    Okay, now I love Ayfer Düzdaş. = D

    2013年 09月 21日 返信
  • FolkBlackDoom

    :O You have a lot of amazing music here, especially Kurdish! I certainly have to check more Kurdish artists!

    2013年 09月 20日 返信
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