Bêrîtan, 20, Female, Kurdistan

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Tara MamedovaLê Lê rihê Love トラック 3 時間前
JehatPısmam Love トラック 4 時間前
SakinaMin Ew Kesim Love トラック 4 時間前
Masoud MohammadiLeili Love トラック 4 時間前
Issa HassanYarê Love トラック 4 時間前
Masoud MohammadiShowe Showe Love トラック 4 時間前
Karapete XaçoLawıke Metini Love トラック 4 時間前
Tara MamedovaLê Lê rihê Love トラック 4 時間前
Nizamettin AriçNîzamettîn Ariç Love トラック 4 時間前
Tara MamedovaLê Lê rihê Love トラック 4 時間前
Bawer CanZanyar Love トラック 4 時間前
HivronBilura Dile Min Love トラック 4 時間前
HivronPayiz Love トラック 4 時間前
Leila FariqiBerivanim Love トラック 4 時間前
ZelalDilo (feat. Cem Yıldız) Love トラック 5 時間前
Zelal GökçeXeribe Love トラック 5 時間前
Tara MamedovaLê Lê rihê Love トラック 5 時間前
RaperinQerina Evin (Aşkın Çığlığı) Love トラック 5 時間前
Bawer CanSebra mın Love トラック 5 時間前
TemoDerew Love トラック 5 時間前


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  • kurdist

    @XortXosnaw: I scrobbled it.

    09月 19日 06:15 返信
  • MonoPeligroso

    Thanks! I like these vibes and dance, but I would like it better if the music was "less electronic". I'm sure there are lots of permormers but I can't find anyone.

    09月 11日 22:18 返信
  • XortXosnaw

    Sibel Sancar: "Tränen aus Blut" - - It's a song in German language against the terror of IS and the the enorm suffering of the Yazidi in the last weeks. :-(

    09月 10日 17:19 返信
  • rogerjazzfan

    Hi. Greetings from Brasil :)

    09月 10日 00:12 返信
  • SaharZDFR

    Love Kurdish language♥

    09月 8日 17:32 返信
  • cossmo

    Hey there! ! I'll definitely be checking out your charts to find some new kurdish music to listen to

    09月 3日 04:57 返信
  • heavy25

    not really, sorry. just got 1 track from a mix CD i bought in holiday.. so the only thing i know about him is 1 song..

    08月 24日 20:26 返信
  • VinceNet

    I liked the song, quite interesting voice! :)

    08月 18日 02:57 返信
  • jannon


    08月 16日 21:50 返信
  • Free---

    Thanks ! for your words and suggestion.You have a great profile also! greetings from Poland :)

    08月 16日 21:29 返信
  • geluwzever

    Salam. :) Thanks, it looks nice, but I have a little suggestion. The yellow text is very bright and kind of hard to read. If you use the deeper golden color of the flag it'd be easier to read. Something like #febd11 in html code.

    08月 15日 05:36 返信
  • kosa_sw4

    Halo!! Very thanks. I like kurdish music.

    08月 14日 19:15 返信
  • KarrrArt

    Thanks for the group invite! You've got a great library to explore :)

    08月 14日 12:12 返信
  • WickedIce

    exactly ;)

    08月 14日 05:13 返信
  • Nick_Tamere

    yeah, i enjoy listening to kurdish music from time to time. especially in these days... i'll have a look over your library, looks pretty fine to me when it comes to music of this kind!

    08月 13日 10:37 返信
  • Owl999

    Barev, lav) Thank you very much for the group!Probably accidentally got out of it :)

    08月 12日 23:45 返信
  • Todesh

    Hello. I am interested in kurdish music, your library is extremely useful for me in this way!

    08月 12日 19:04 返信
  • saredemba

    Bienvenue dans le vaste univers musical de CERISE FM. Online Broadcast from 16h from Monday to Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 12h (French time) . Special ethno world Music program (Monday -> Friday, 22h-02h), Ambient program (Saturday and Sunday, 22h-02h).!/profile/Saredemba/24683562/broadcast

    08月 6日 23:44 返信
  • IAmMrDexB

    Thanks for adding me! :) Feel free to explore my library!

    08月 6日 05:06 返信
  • Hoetzendorf

    Thank you, dude. Well met!

    08月 1日 04:09 返信
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