Polyrhythm (4:10)

Cars 2 のアルバムジャケット

アルバム Cars 2 & その他 2 リリース

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Perfume - Chocolate Disco 3:59 12,738
Perfume - plastic smile 4:34 35,014
Capsule - Sugarless GiRL 4:09 22,733
kyary pamyu pamyu - PONPONPON 4:13 16,008
Capsule - Starry sky 5:38 22,546
きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ - PONPONPON 4:03 32,354


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totemo daijina
kimi no omoi wa
muda ni naranai
sekai wa mawaru

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  • azukitan

    Short answer: "Boku" is not exclusively for male use. Long answer: It all depends on the context and the personality of the person (male or female) that's using it. For example, tomboyish girls often use it to refer to themselves, but just because you're a girl and use it doesn't mean you're a tomboy. Also, because this is a song, there's the added facet of artistic expression - the "rule" you learned doesn't necessarily apply to music/forms of entertainment. Whoever wrote the lyrics might have chosen "boku" because it fit better lyrically, both to make it so both men and women could relate to the song and thus appeal to a wider audience, and because other pronouns may have been harder to fit into the melody/sounded clunky when sung.

    05月 28日 23:04 返信
  • chibinovachan

    Hi. Japanese language learner here but I've only studied in classes so I lack practical application of actually speaking the language. But.....I thought boku was exclusively for males yet they are using it in this song. So females use it sometimes? When and how? I don't need any hate telling me I'm ignorant or racist. I don't claim to have any expert knowledge here. I just want clarification from someone who does speak colloquial Japanese.

    05月 26日 02:25 返信
  • ElectroPeter

    Suggest a correction: ポリリズム

    2014年 02月 4日 返信
  • Hromino

    suggest correction of title to ポリリズム [4]

    2013年 05月 13日 返信
  • boundaryfuss

    From Cars 2

    2013年 04月 22日 返信
  • tinosoft89

    suggest correction of title to ポリリズム [3]

    2013年 03月 11日 返信
  • aidoll

    suggest correction of title to ポリリズム [2]

    2012年 11月 30日 返信
  • Beanoboo


    2012年 07月 31日 返信
  • azukitan

    suggest correction of title to ポリリズム (since they suggest the song's tag should be in its original language) - look to right of the shoutbox and click the link :)

    2012年 07月 17日 返信
  • kangaroo021

    dont rember

    2012年 04月 12日 返信
  • kangaroo021

    do rember this from the movie

    2012年 04月 12日 返信
  • jocan2

    ..this was from the movie??

    2012年 04月 9日 返信
  • kusumoto

    I wish we could easily report shouts like that garbage from gg996

    2012年 03月 22日 返信
  • BeiBeiQi

    Considering being a group from Japan perfume has appeared on two shows/movies that were based in America. They were on an episode of American Dad and then on Cars 2. Pretty crazy. But I mean they're amazing so who wouldn't love them?

    2012年 03月 21日 返信
  • gg996

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    2012年 03月 10日 返信
  • jinjuneu

    nice. :)

    2012年 03月 2日 返信
  • richierich15888

    does any one when will perfume tour the u.sa, i wound attend if they come to madison sqare garden, new york city .

    2012年 02月 14日 返信
  • animelover945


    2012年 02月 9日 返信
  • WaffIeBot


    2012年 02月 7日 返信
  • Sonicjr01


    2012年 02月 1日 返信
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