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King Crimson




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キング・クリムゾン (King Crimson) は、







1969 クリムゾン・キングの宮殿 In The Court Of The Crimson King
1970 ポセイドンのめざめ In The Wake Of Poseidon
1970 リザード Lizard (イエスのジョン・アンダーソンがゲスト参加)
1971 アイランド Islands
1972 アースバウンド Earthbound (1971年『アイランド』発表時のメンバーによるライヴ録音)
1973 太陽と戦慄 Larks’ Tongues In Aspic
1974 暗黒の世界 Starless And Bible Black (当時のライヴ音源とスタジオ録音の混合)
1974 レッド Red (1曲ライヴ音源)
1975 USA USA (1974年『暗黒の世界』発表時のメンバーによるライヴ録音。一部オーバーダビングあり)
1981 ディシプリン Discipline
1982 ビート Beat
1984 スリー・オブ・ア・パーフェクト・ペア Three Of A Perfect Pair



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  • MisterJunior

    Yep, coming in January. Hopefully another tour will follow.

    昨日 15:30pm 返信
  • niQboy

    Looks like we're getting a new live album after all. Thanks Frippucino!

    11月 21日 19:50 返信
  • Assedor

    This deep and rich music envelops into the atmospheric state of mind and plunges in ambiguous concepts with enormous of interpretations.

    11月 21日 15:04 返信
  • Dogger_Dog

    vv He posted about last.fm on his blog and said nothing of the album covers. What he was upset about was the "free" streaming last.fm was doing of KC songs and him not being compensated for it. Apparently for Fripp, the difference between last.fm and 1970s AM radio (when I first heard KC) is different, but between you and me, I think last.fm's music streaming service is no different from listening to the radio.

    11月 21日 08:49 返信
  • Carl_rere

    I love King Crimson but Fripp is an asshole -_-

    11月 19日 23:50 返信
  • Issa-Void

    Maybe it looks to him like we think more about our obsession with album covers than music itself. How many people should tell us that in the end music is more important than all this.

    11月 19日 09:43 返信
  • Dogger_Dog

    vv He's an eccentric personality, zedshtein. I don't think we can expect to understand his fears, his idiosyncrasies, etc. etc. Many of the world's great artists were plagued with feelings of seclusion, introversion, etc. which translated to the public eye in mysterious ways. From what I've read he doesn't like to be referred to as a genius, and doesn't like to be told what to do, but I've also read that he doesn't express himself clearly, so this is why some artists can't work with him - his expectations are unrealistic because he can't express himself, so nobody knows what he's thinking and feeling until it's too late. So to you and me it seems like he's just being pedantic about the sharing of album covers and what not, but in his mind, it gives him a sense of security and peace to do this. I don't expect to understand it ever, but I do find it odd.

    11月 18日 07:50 返信
  • Zzznoked

    Обложки альбомов даже удалили. Какая ж печаль

    11月 16日 00:44 返信
  • zedshtein

    So what does he want eventually and what is so wrong in just looking at pictures of the band or covers. Sometimes it looks like he thinks more about his obsession than music itself. How many people should tell him that in the end music is more important than all this.

    11月 13日 04:37 返信
  • sushlet

    ``The" prog rock band, for me.

    11月 12日 16:22 返信
  • RomanyDagger

    I really want to like everything they've put out, but In the Court of the Crimson King and Lizard are the only two I can come back to. Maybe another time.

    11月 9日 16:02 返信
  • Dogger_Dog

    I think his wife is actually driving much of his recent publicity, so I've read. And maybe he finally realizes that he actually gets paid if he puts his work on iTunes and other electronic distributors. To me, KC presence on Spotify would be the final nail in the coffin of his denial and self-absorption. But, if he was smart about it, he would go straight to Spotify, which is the single most effective mechanism today for fighting piracy. In the end, all the internet has done is move musicians away from fixed contract reimbursement to a variable reimbursement, which one could argue will actually make their output stronger. Personally I like the full LP approach to writing, purchasing, and owning music, but I also recognize I'm going extinct...

    11月 8日 04:19 返信
  • onthewall2983

    But there are 3 KC albums on iTunes now, so things might thaw out. I'd imagine he sees Last.FM as part of his problems with the record industry, that recent reports conclude that have recently been resolved which lead to the re-formation of the band. Whether or not this site will be affected by that remains to be seen.

    11月 7日 13:54 返信
  • Poisonnation

    I think it has something to do with restrictions that Robert Fripp put forth. Probably the same reason King Crimson's music isn't on the iTunes store, or websites alike.

    11月 7日 11:49 返信
  • AndreDias164

    haha sure.

    11月 6日 22:38 返信
  • Wotsthedeal

    Because you are album cover blind.

    11月 6日 14:06 返信
  • AndreDias164

    Excuse my ignorance, but why the cover albums don't appear on the page?

    11月 6日 07:59 返信
  • onthewall2983

    Looks like we'll be getting a new album too. https://twitter.com/DGMLIVEHQ/status/529270660926017536

    11月 4日 20:54 返信
  • vahik

    When will last.fm finally fix this? I can't even type King Crimson in the search bar and search for this amazing band. And the right part of the page is messed up!!! King Crimson doesn't deserve this!

    11月 4日 16:47 返信
  • niQboy

    A new album would've been much more worthwhile, instead of a US only tour.

    11月 3日 16:36 返信
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