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Black Rebel Motorcycle Club



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ブラック・レベル・モーターサイクル・クラブ(Black Rebel Motorcycle Club)は、アメリカ合衆国のサンフランシスコ出身のロックバンドである。カリフォルニアを拠点として活動している。

以前は“The Elements”という名前で活動していたが、あまりにもありふれているということで改名。
現在のバンド名は、1950年に公開された映画『The Wild One』に登場する、マーロン・ブランド率いるオートバイ・ギャングから取って付けられた。


‘99年夏からLAで約6ヵ月間にわたり精力的にギグを重ねた結果、バンドの評判を聞きつけたVirgin Recordsと契約を交わす。
‘02年1月26日から、アンドリューW.K.、ロストプロフェッツ、ザ・コーラルと共に「NME Carling Awards Tour 2002」に参加し、3月16日に日本でも待望のデビューを果たす。

ピーター・ヘイズ(Peter Hayes)-ボーカル、ギター
ロバート・レヴォン・ビーン(Robert Levon Been)-ボーカル、ベース
リア・シャピロ(Leah Shapiro)-ドラムス






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  • donkukis

    Best band in the world.

    04月 16日 14:59 返信
  • CoraLyra

    The lyrics they write are just pure poetry. The songs are so good... Fuck I can't get enough of them. Real music right here with this band.

    04月 9日 03:29 返信
  • MarchOfClouds

    I've always known my heart's been held by you...

    03月 27日 00:04 返信
  • Rivacks


    03月 20日 11:16 返信
  • CoraLyra

    I just can't stop listening to BRMC these days. They're marvelous.

    03月 17日 10:18 返信
  • alexaCollective

    the effects of 333 is objectively the best album this band has ever put out

    03月 13日 11:08 返信
  • brmc0509

    Love, LOVE BRMC!! Saw them in Toronto last year...worth the wait but I don't want to wait that long again. Still on my heavy rotation. Love watching them evolve....

    03月 10日 12:11 返信
  • erikngn

    Годные ребята, очень.

    03月 9日 09:52 返信
  • TeoIfO

    Some good psychedelic rock in there ::::)

    03月 4日 02:57 返信
  • Storchel

    I would say "Sell it" is their heaviest song, and besides the best one on the new album, but that's just me

    03月 1日 03:11 返信
  • LiquidSheep

    Yeah, when I first stumbled upon BRMC, I expected a really loud, noise hard rock band. Turned out they DO make some hard rock, but a lot of other things as well. Versatile and great.

    02月 27日 02:12 返信
  • minoe54

    Live of BRMC in Nancy last weekend there :) http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMCu_iVg_rUoAxsucga8Yj6GUVq3zN_Ze

    02月 20日 07:14 返信
  • der_friese

    "Check out the brand new music video for "Some Kind of Ghost" directed by Daniel Mancini. Also, download two free b-side tracks, "God's Gonna Cut You Down" and "Some Kind of Ghost (Acoustic Mix) by clicking here: http://t.opsp.in/q1HeR http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cwvgCcK1HCg&list=UUd76y-6IlT88N8PpQMBXusQ&feature=share"; from official site

    02月 12日 06:08 返信
  • Luiz_Landa

    BRMC is not a hard rock band, nor is a typical indie band, if you are looking for heavy songs listen to Let the Day Begin and Weapon of Choice

    02月 7日 01:53 返信
  • MAphrodyte

    Hey guys ! After the concert, you're welcome to party at my sister's studio with us in Paris at Cité des arts ! we can hang out and have fun :) just in box me

    02月 5日 03:29 返信
  • kroshka11sammy


    02月 3日 21:33 返信
  • Reeenaaatooo

    In my opinion, 'Howl' is one of the softest, because it's mainly based on folk songs, lots of harmonicas.. I don't know what kind of music you like so it's difficult to recommend, but the last two albums (Specter and Beat the Devil's tattoo) is a lot based on shoegaze. The heaviest stuff is on 'Baby 81' or 'Take them own on your own”. 'Effects of 333' is heavy psychedelic shit, but really crazy, doesn't even sound like BRMC, and the first album (BRMC) is a classic. One thing I can tell you for sure: if you classify Black Rebel as a “typical indie band”, you didn't listened enough of it, or you didn't get it, cause this band is fucking awesome! They have so many great influences, from classic rock to shoegaze, passing by folk and blues, and they're underestimated. A song that I would like to suggest is this one (american X): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_nVWADNOwGo

    01月 25日 03:39 返信
  • amsterm

    Heart & Soul ...

    01月 23日 12:54 返信
  • Amrabart

    yes, check out the 'Howl' album

    01月 22日 03:40 返信
  • BlancaXLobo

    Do they have any heavier songs/albums? I expected some cool hard rock by the band's name, but after listening to few hit songs they sound like typical indie band. I mean, I'm dissapointed, but I'm just asking, not being rude.[2]

    01月 21日 04:33 返信
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