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Arch Enemy








バンド名の読み方に関してはアーチ・エネミーが本来の英単語の発音に近く、バンドメンバーも本来の英単語のように発音しているが、日本でのレーベルであったトイズファクトリーは日本での読みをアーク・エネミーと表記した為、日本ではアーチ・エネミーとアーク・エネミーの二種類の呼び方が存在している。酒井康は「アーク」を誤りとして批判したこともあり、ラジオ等では一貫して「 アーチ・エネミー」と呼んでいる。「archenemy」はサタンの意味で、本来は一語である。






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  • FastWheels

    v The sad thing is, they were actually pretty decent back when Johan was their vocalist. It seems as if Michael knew he was running out of riffs and ideas so he fired Johan so they could get attention for having a female vocalist

    30 分前 返信
  • ozku18

    Ugh, someone please tell me a band that makes more generic and boring melodeath than this band? + sometimes it feels like the only reason why they are noticed is that they have a female singer. The lyrics made for 15-year old "brutal metal warriors", the censorship derping for their t-shirt (the word FUCKING was f****ng bleeped out)... Please tell me what you guys hear/see in this band, i just don't understand why they're so popular.

    昨日 夜 返信
  • Arzgah

    Amazing Album guys =D Good Luck, dear Alissa, you deserve the best!!!

    昨日 00:58am 返信
  • vals81

    Here a sort of photo report from the METAL HAMMER Awards 2014 in Berlin: http://itsonlymusicbutlive.com/2014/09/15/metal-hammer-awards-blind-guardian-paradise-lost-deadlock-reactory-kesselhaus-berlin/

    09月 15日 18:30 返信
  • orangexlemon

    i don't really care too much for this band. New album is amazing, but a lot of people talk over which singer is better. Is it that different ?

    09月 14日 14:26 返信
  • letmyswagon

    I think i'm the only one here who likes johan, angela and alissa.

    09月 12日 09:08 返信
  • rockersha_

    Angela is much more better!

    09月 10日 15:29 返信
  • NamelessDoubler

    Give a listen! LH05: Waltz of Death (2014) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTyNJuljRXk https://soundcloud.com/lh05/waltz-of-death/ http://www.last.fm/music/LH05

    09月 7日 17:51 返信
  • nathix13


    09月 7日 00:35 返信
  • venusian_sea

    @VoodooMadMike he is turkish, people basically still have a medieval mindset there, no surprise. that's one reason why they won't get into european union.

    09月 5日 03:45 返信
  • IBlackened

    No, Johan Liiva sucks too.

    09月 4日 03:31 返信
  • RealThoughtt

    @VoodooMadMike ; I have a huge blackened balls. but this is not totally about sexist. simply; Liiva > all the female bullshits. look AE fcking rule group, melodies,solo. I really want to listen AE but this vocals...

    08月 31日 22:16 返信
  • MegaDave89

    Imo going to listen to all they're albums this night,

    08月 28日 04:20 返信
  • Andrey_Potokin

    http://www.lastfm.ru/music/Justin+Bieber/+images/100732675 +++++

    08月 27日 02:03 返信
  • hamlet666olsdal


    08月 26日 07:41 返信
  • VoodooMadMike

    @RealThoughtt Tell me more... Female vocals so what? Are you sexist? Alissa sounds awesome and so did Angela and there's nothing gay about it. Don't have the balls to listen to a female singer? Right

    08月 24日 19:11 返信
  • RealThoughtt

    really female vocal in metal, gayest think ever. U reached Ultrafuckinggayestlevel, AE. Cong.

    08月 24日 04:33 返信
  • SowahWoo

    WHAT_THA_HELL_IS_THIS? Wheres Angela? Who took Daria Stavrovich from SLOT as vocalist of this legendary band????

    08月 23日 04:53 返信
  • Kingsforlife

    I want Angela back GOAT vocalist

    08月 22日 15:06 返信
  • fffading_

    I've been noticing that old school fans are desperately trying to blame Alissa for the way that Arch Enemy changed on their last album, just like The Agonist fans are blaming Vicky for their new "soft edges". But the thing is that if Michael and the rest of the band would not agree with it, they just wouldn't do it! Personally, I think that AE made a very wise choice on War Eternal, exploring paths they never did before. It's refreshing for the band, for the fans and for the music itself. I'm a great Alissa fan since her days on The Agonist and I think she did fit Arch Enemy as well as Angela did. And... The fact that Angela herself chose Alissa and told Michael that she was the best choice to do it should be considered.

    08月 22日 10:36 返信
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