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The group for vegans and vegetarians

Welcome to the group for vegans and vegetarians. Vegans don't consume any animal products. Vegetarians don't consume any meat, fish or poultry. Some are dietary vegans; others consume dairy products (lacto vegetarians); some eat eggs (ovo; with the former, ovo-lacto); and there are other personal variants. Vegans and vegetarians choose not to consume animals products for various reasons: ethical (animal rights), religious, cultural, traditional, health, environmental, etc. So, do veggies make better music? See our artist connections for starters. For more info on veganism, vegetarianism, animal rights, etc., go to The Vegetarian Society, The Vegan Society and Go Veg.

Note: If you know of any other music-related veggie websites, speak up in our forum. :)

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    And what cost nuts in your countries? Please let share information

    10月 27日 23:47 返信

    After embargo nuts is costing very expensive In the Russia. Native manufacturers presents such sorts of nuts as pine nut - most expensive (22,45 euro/kg) or sunflower seed (1,13 euro/kg) - most budget. Others sorts of nuts from other countries - Turkey (filbert) (14,28 euro/kg), USA (almonds) (11,69 euro/kg), Bolivia (brazilian nut) (13,01 euro/kg) cost more than 30 percent for 2 month. Summarizing these facts i think, that Russian Goverment want cost up to cost russian pine nut from Republic Altai.

    10月 27日 00:31 返信
  • penguintiz

    My latest classical recording

    09月 28日 03:19 返信
  • Nochek


    09月 27日 02:06 返信
  • jokerburn

    Hey, Check Krankheitsbild, Vegan Straight Edge Breakdown Hip-Hop. New Gegenstromsegelboot [EP] for FREE

    09月 12日 02:38 返信
  • Gaball

    всем мир [2] / all the peace & great music: (

    09月 6日 07:04 返信
  • NightChristabel

    every human being should be forced to watch Earthlings [2]

    08月 30日 03:16 返信
  • igrnc :}

    08月 22日 05:22 返信
  • dimar292

    DIMAR292 DMITRY ZHURAVLEV artist profile on Songstall

    08月 16日 19:45 返信
  • Farouchette

    I only eat humans tbh, but not other animals [2]

    08月 3日 04:22 返信
  • moreaupat

    every human being should be forced to watch Earthlings

    07月 29日 15:30 返信
  • Impaled_

    I have just finished watching "Earthlings" and I'm completely brokenhearted. I was aware of some of the facts mentioned in this documentary but still I learned about many other horrible things humans do to animals. It is completely beyond me how mankind can be so cruel and inflict so much pain on other humans and on animals. Our brutality far outweighs that of the species we consider inferior to us. And yet we still consider ourselves to be more intelligent and merciful than animals. The human race disgusts me. I wish I could better expose my feelings but I'm speechless right now.

    07月 29日 02:17 返信
  • BruceLeesalee


    07月 27日 07:26 返信
  • arabeIIa

    "I am an animal and I don't eat myself." [73]

    07月 16日 03:28 返信
  • lunaryclavicle

    i also think that some things affect the other and vice versa. all interacts, spills over, forming a single whole. you perceived my question so seriously ahah

    07月 7日 04:10 返信
  • stupidstuff

    Well OK. Is there some particular reason why you're asking? For an easy approach to the question I'll say that I don't consider the top artists for the group to be distinguishable from those of other large groups... then again I'm just assuming it to be the case since none of them (with the exception of The Smiths - a popular group anyway) have a strong identification with vegetarianism. But I think everything we do affects us in some way... so to be a reductionist for a moment, yes, the things we eat affect the music we listen to - just as the music we listen to must affect what we eat! So like the song says, it's a mystery. Or was that the broccoli?

    07月 6日 10:22 返信
  • lunaryclavicle

    maybe. but it seems the food is the first in this chain

    07月 4日 22:40 返信
  • stupidstuff

    or is it the other way around?

    07月 2日 19:11 返信
  • lunaryclavicle

    do things we eat affect things we listen to?

    07月 2日 05:49 返信
  • Taya_Rihter

    Wish you a peaceful time!

    06月 26日 23:40 返信
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