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The group for vegans and vegetarians

Welcome to the group for vegans and vegetarians. Vegans don't consume any animal products. Vegetarians don't consume any meat, fish or poultry. Some are dietary vegans; others consume dairy products (lacto vegetarians); some eat eggs (ovo; with the former, ovo-lacto); and there are other personal variants. Vegans and vegetarians choose not to consume animals products for various reasons: ethical (animal rights), religious, cultural, traditional, health, environmental, etc. So, do veggies make better music? See our artist connections for starters. For more info on veganism, vegetarianism, animal rights, etc., go to The Vegetarian Society, The Vegan Society and Go Veg.

Note: If you know of any other music-related veggie websites, speak up in our forum. :)

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  • ErickDuque

    04月 24日 03:27 返信
  • lermont51

    Aloha :)

    04月 3日 17:58 返信
  • ErickSld

    Hello flower eaters / Hola come flores

    03月 27日 14:44 返信
  • Gewaltraud

    Then there's always "Peace Meal" by X-Ray Spexand the bands Crass and Dirt. ;)

    03月 22日 21:46 返信
  • Gewaltraud

    The singer/ founder is a complete arse, but the music themes and band members are all vegan or vegetarian:

    03月 22日 21:44 返信
  • Rud-Johns


    03月 21日 15:14 返信
  • oblivion0406

    Hello fellow plant-eaters :)

    03月 18日 05:17 返信
  • zzophia

    "Meat is Murder" by The Smiths was released 11th of February 1985 - 30 years ago.

    02月 12日 05:17 返信
  • mibustas

    there is a big difference , but in general vegetarians are more supportive to the vegan cause than to as you said " agree with meat - eaters and shit " . Besides , most vegans are vegetarians first , then go a bit more hardcore , its how things work , at least for the most vegans .

    01月 29日 19:17 返信
  • haadeus

    when you think of it, having vegans and vegetarians lumped together is quite inconsistent. vegetarians are just picky/limited omnivores, who agree with meat-eaters with the stance that animals are to be grown and abused by mankind. vegans have the moral/ethical stance that aims to end all animal cruelty. i see a big difference there.

    01月 23日 04:04 返信
  • ozfreak

    mankind is a big failure

    01月 16日 22:16 返信
  • AtomheartDannie


    01月 15日 11:12 返信
  • Gabriel_Opeth


    01月 7日 18:43 返信
  • liljakarma

    anyone going Vegfest 2015?

    01月 3日 22:59 返信
  • chris1609

    "Tiere sind meine Freunde und Freunde esse ich nicht".Veggi but on the Way to eat only Vegan

    2014年 12月 20日 返信
  • TylerSymes

    Idk why people find vegetarian/vegan = funny.

    2014年 12月 10日 返信
  • Coldabyss6

    Animals are my friends and I don't eat my friends [29]

    2014年 11月 30日 返信

    And what cost nuts in your countries? Please let share information

    2014年 10月 27日 返信

    After embargo nuts is costing very expensive In the Russia. Native manufacturers presents such sorts of nuts as pine nut - most expensive (22,45 euro/kg) or sunflower seed (1,13 euro/kg) - most budget. Others sorts of nuts from other countries - Turkey (filbert) (14,28 euro/kg), USA (almonds) (11,69 euro/kg), Bolivia (brazilian nut) (13,01 euro/kg) cost more than 30 percent for 2 month. Summarizing these facts i think, that Russian Goverment want cost up to cost russian pine nut from Republic Altai.

    2014年 10月 27日 返信
  • Nochek


    2014年 09月 27日 返信
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