People who listen to music while they're sleeping, especially at times when they…

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作成日: 2006年 03月 25日
You thought you were alone with this? You're not!.

Are you tired quite often?

Do you enjoy music while having your eyes closed?

Do you occasionaly just drift off while listening to music?

Do you sleep with music in the background on purpose?

These are just examples how you could fit into this group. I personally could answer all questions with "Yes" and I'd like to find out, who else enjoys music in such a way from time to time.

After the "DOs" - the "DON'Ts"

Don't be afraid to use the forum!

Don't forget the journals! It's very hard to keep them uptodate, but you'll find tons of free music made by our very own members there! Also some literature, helpful links... whatever sounds interesting or personal. And there will be no frickin games or score calculations or whatever (Stop posting that guys!)






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