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    • 2012年 01月 6日 23:19

    Australian VPN

    Hello everybody,
    I am using Australian VPN with Superb VPN Services and I am very satisfied. Speed is fine and connection is reliable.

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    • 2012年 01月 15日 06:08


    When does Aussie get this?????

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    • 2012年 01月 19日 13:07

    Come on!!

    Almost 3 or 4 years now and Australia still doesn't have it??? :@

    Wayne Rodrigues
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    • 2012年 02月 1日 13:57

    Re:You can get lastfm on iphone in Australia!!!

    mickparle said:
    ah yes, thanks to all the geeks out there, theres always a way!
    I've just installed the lastfm app on my australian iphone and works perfect....I read a few weeks ago here just after buying my new iphone that it wasn't possible with an australian itunes account, man was I pissed, this is a subscription service and I just can't understand why it's not available.

    Here's how to get it.....

    1/ Create an iTunes account in the US or UK, I actually stumbled across this post on how to do it on "Cult of Mac" website, so I created a US itunes account using my second email address and a made up US postal address (you'll need to get a ZIP code, it's a five digit number and I found one in Colorado - 80111 by just browsing the web and just some rubbish street and city name)


    2/ Verify your new US account when you get an email from Apple (almost instantly)

    3/ On you iPhone, sign out of your Australian iTunes account
    Settings -> Store -> Sign Out

    4/ Then sign back in with your new US Itunes account

    5/ Go to you App Store on iPhone, browse for lastfm app and download like you would any other app.

    6/ That should be it, let me know how you go...and a bit thanks to Leander Kahney from CultOfMac website if he ever reads this!

    happy listening-:))))))

    worked perfectly!!! thanks!!

    also dl'd some NFL stuff that is unavailable to Australia too!!

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    • 2012年 02月 4日 17:21
    This would be pretty awesome :)

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    • 2012年 02月 5日 19:36

    編集者:Maddieman, 2012年 02月 9日 19:52
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    • 2012年 02月 23日 07:40

    Last.fm please release an Australian iphone app

    I'd love to subscribe but until there is a solution which gets around my works proxy filter (like an iphone app) I can't see the point. Please, please, please release your app on the australian itunes store!

    Airplay would also be a bonus.

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    • 2012年 02月 26日 01:47
    Yeah !

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    • 2012年 03月 13日 12:48



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    • 2012年 03月 13日 13:19



    編集者:Babs_05, 2012年 03月 14日 00:22
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    • 2012年 03月 15日 21:13
    Can't believe it STILL isn't available for us.

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    • 2012年 03月 19日 16:49

    Melbourne want it

    The first app ive searched for i... :( give us the app or give us a american residential address :) ...

    3 yrs since this thread started . Think it'll never gonna happen !!

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    • 2012年 03月 23日 21:15

    Yes for Australia

    Australians deserve this app, plus I really really want it.

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    • 2012年 03月 28日 14:12


    iphone music player, free, which scrobbles. no radio, and a bit buggy, but hey its free. search app store for iscrob

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    • 2012年 03月 28日 15:59

    It is taking a while.

    It has been a while and we still don't get it. It better be bloody good when it comes I tell you one thing!

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    • 2012年 04月 24日 16:10



    編集者:Knapster01, 2012年 04月 25日 00:54
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    • 2012年 05月 13日 20:04
    Do I need the APP fr my scrobbles to work? Or will my scrobbles still be reported when I connect the iphone up to the computer?

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    • 2012年 05月 22日 13:52

    Yes please


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    • 2012年 07月 5日 20:49

    Yes Please

    Come on last.fm Please do something about this!!!!

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    • 2012年 07月 20日 10:38

    Scrobbling app for Aus/NZ

    Any chance of just a scrobbling app for Australia / NZ, I don't care about the radio features, like most other people just want to scrobble tracks on my phone!

  • Heh, this thread was made 4 years ago. :D

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    • 2012年 08月 5日 01:06
    Many vpn service providers gives their best to satisfy and meet the customer requirement. I am using vpn connection since 2 years and never got any problem in registration.

    編集者:derekland202, 2012年 10月 27日 04:11
  • please

  • Re: Scrobbling app for Aus/NZ

    thrasher86 said:
    Any chance of just a scrobbling app for Australia / NZ, I don't care about the radio features, like most other people just want to scrobble tracks on my phone!

    yeah, it's called cloudscrob, and does the job nicely...