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A group for developers looking to work with the API. This group will issue occasional notifications detailing updates to the API and is a place to discuss ideas about new development.

Post and vote on suggestions for the API here:




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  • gamiscantik

    Hi, i

    11月 2日 09:34 返信
  • pulsasrihastuti

    Shout me if you make some outstanding music.

    09月 27日 04:14 返信
  • Arti3DPlayer

    Hi, someone know why i usually have very slow answer from I'm using a python library to connect with API. Standard answer always ~15-20 sec...

    08月 26日 03:31 返信
  • nergal79

    Hey there :) - does someone know what the timestamp information of a track expresses precisely? Start of song played, end of song playback/end of song, time of scrobbling, middle of the song, anything else? I'd like to create a tracklist where I need precise start or at least end timestamps of each song. Thanks in advance. Or is there a mailing list I am not aware of?

    08月 3日 21:35 返信
  • Slipknot1988

    hi and welcome

    05月 22日 22:45 返信
  • AlanowskyPL any suggestions? ;d

    05月 2日 09:35 返信
  • SusanKatyRosa

    Hey! I need to create on my website a list of gigs that are going to happen in a certain city during the next 3 days. Can someone help me?

    04月 9日 16:08 返信
  • bpawan2014

    I have posted a question on Stack-overflow about the problem in reading the images of the artist returned by the API. If any one here have worked on the api already please help me out o this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Link to the question is (details of the problem is provided on the link): Thanks in advance.

    01月 13日 06:54 返信
  • D_christina

    FOR HELP!!!i have one million songs'mbids ,and i want to use the track.gettoptags to get their tags, but it always can not continue work when i got 900 songs'tags. Does it matter with "You will not make more than 5 requests per originating IP address per second, averaged over a 5 minute period"?

    01月 6日 14:58 返信
  • Upshuter

    Complications no more

    2013年 12月 28日 返信
  • idlenexus


    2013年 12月 1日 返信
  • RadioActive913

    Hello, total newbie here and I 'm afraid I need a bit of your help! I want to use the API for mainly get the Album Cover providing the Artist and the Title. What is the best way to get that, since I 'm bit lost with all the API calls. Regards Ted

    2013年 11月 28日 返信
  • self_storage

    sounds good ,thanks!

    2013年 11月 19日 返信
  • evolcoder

    Please someone tell me, im trying to make my music player, something like aimp but for only, i've downloaded the net c# dll API, it's very clear and undestandable, but there is one thing, when i receive my response via xml, where is the link to play that song?? there is image, image, and again image, also there is 'mid', what to do then, ??

    2013年 11月 19日 返信
  • The80sCube

    Hello! I call myself searching for this answer in this group but to no avail. If I have somehow overlooked it, I am sorry. Here's my issue. I have an on-line radio station that uses Centova Cast v. 3.04. I do not use the "Auto DJ" feature but rather do a live stream to server. I would like to have the album art come up and be displayed on the website along with the song title and artist using the recently played feature. I know there are some broadcasters that use to provide the cover art. I too would like to use, however, I know just enough about coding to really mess things up. I am clueless as to where to begin. Is there a script that I can use? Also, I will probably need some instruction of how to make this work. In the version of centova cast that I have, it has as a source, it is enabled, but I think this only works on the "Auto DJ feature." View the site at and look to the right to see example. Thanks in advance!

    2013年 11月 5日 返信
  • zsoltttt

    Problem has been solved, thanks :)

    2013年 10月 14日 返信
  • zsoltttt

    I can confirm the same problem with the official scrobbler (at least on mac).

    2013年 10月 13日 返信
  • zsoltttt

    Hi there! I don't know if you guys know about this, but authenticating suddenly stopped working. When I try to open in a web browser (with a newly fetched, seemingly valid token), I get "Ooops, there was a problem. This link has expired, please try again." in the browser window. There were no modifications in my relevant code. Anyone experienced similar behaviour? Thanks!

    2013年 10月 13日 返信
  • zerowX

    wonders why httpS isn't allowed as a callback for credentials

    2013年 09月 2日 返信
  • mycloudplayer stopped redirecting to cb URL param after granting access

    2013年 08月 18日 返信
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